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On Saturday, June 28, 2014 Moody Radio’s “Up For Debate” hosted a debate between Evangelical apologist Dr. Michael Brown and gay apologist Matthew Vines concerning the topic “Can you be Gay and Christian?”  Julie Roys hosted the radio debate.  It was a 42 minutes discussion.

There is a Youtube video format available of that debate which can be seen below.


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Reformed apologist James White of Alpha Omega Ministries has debated apologist Michael Brown yesterday on the topic “Has the gift of healing ceased for today?”  The debate took place in Spain on Revelation TV.

Revelation TV has not allowed the option of embedding the videos so here are the links in two parts to this debate:

Part 1

Part 2



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This is a debate between two Christian apologist on the topic of Predestination, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown.

James White

Here is the video:

Wow thanks to Alpha and Omega Ministry for formatting this video and making it available online!


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