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The following are videos from the Reformation Conference 2017 at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on September 14-15, 2017.

The conference include speakers from Kevin DeYoung, David S. Dockery, Timothy George, Michael Haykin, Michael Horton, Tom McCall, David Luy, Scott Manetsch, Ron Rittgers.

The webpage for the event stated the conference purpose: “Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and revisit its message about the value of the Word.”

Here are the videos:


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Here is the interview:


Some info about Sam Solomon:

Sam Solomon is an expert in Shari’ah Law – that’s Islamic jurisprudence. He spent 15 years studying Shari’ah Law to become an Islamic jurist. Upon his conviction he was given 48 hours to leave the country and since then he has been in London where he is a consultant with parliament, as he as also been with our United States Congress, but more than that, he is a witness to Christ in the Muslim world. We are greatly privileged to have him on our program. After you hear him on the program I think you’ll agree with me that there really is a desperate need for Christians today to what they believe and why they believe it. It’s not going to be wars on terror, and it’s not going to be missiles; it’s going to be the Word of God that is able to stand up against the gates of hell.

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Some recent resources

1.) Panel – N.T. Wright and the Doctrine of Justification
  • By Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Dr. Denny Burk, Dr. Tom Schreiner, Dr. Mark Seifrid, Dr. Brian Vickers

LINK: http://www.sbts.edu/resources/chapel/chapel-fall-2009/panel-nt-wright-and-the-doctrine-of-justification-2/

2.) Blog- Wright Wednesdays

  • By Dr. Michael Horton

Part I: http://www.whitehorseinn.org/component/option,com_wordpress/Itemid,39/p,60

Part III: http://www.whitehorseinn.org/component/option,com_wordpress/Itemid,39/p,94

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