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I love when God sovereignly combines my class subjects with my daily devotionals.

In the last two days I’ve been reading Genesis, and specifically about Noah’s flood. In the same two days, I also started my class in U.S. History reading the first chapter, “A Continent of Villages”, out of my textbook, Out of the Many: A History of the American People.

Because Chapter 1 proposes that people first arrived in North America using a land bridge created by the Ice Age, I wondered how Noah’s flood fit into with Ice Age. I soon found out that from the creationist point of view, Noah’s flood is the only fully explainable reason for the Ice Age.

In reading a couple of chapter excerpts from Michael Oard’s book on answersingenesis.org, I learned the following:

  • Scientists early on were reluctant to accept the Ice Age because of its unknown cause
  • Scientists couldn’t explain how the Ice Age occurred
  • Noah’s flood gives an explanation because it fulfills two requirements for an Ice Age:
    • Cool temperatures
    • Lots of snow


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