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Some more links on Presuppositional apologetics on the World Wide web.  Are there other links you can share?  I do want to know!

1.) Exchanging Truth for a Lie— Ben Holloway puts atheism in perspective in light of Romans 1.

2.) Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended – A Review— Fred Butler’s review of Greg Bahnsen’s book.

3.) Intellectual Sense,”Giving Reasons,” and the Christian Worldview— Joseph Torres quotes Van Til and cites Bahnsen’s explanation.

4.) Defining Skepticism— Ben Holloway looks at Shermer’s assumption in defining skepticism.


5.) Apologetics: The Fruit of Faith–An essay over at Reformed Forum explaining Bavinck’s theme that apologetics is the fruit and not the root of faith.  Good read.

6.) Proof and Presuasion— A Presuppositionalist’s look at Cold Case apologist J. Warner Wallace’s distinction between evidence and proofs.

7.) Van Tilian Old Calendarists— Steve Hays critiques of a previous article I shared last time by Nate Shannon, which critiques James Anderson and Greg Welty.

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Often it’s heard that Cornelius Van Til, Covenantal apologetics or Presuppositionalism do not believe in giving evidences for the truth of Christianity when in actuality the issue is that they are concern about one’s philosophy of evidence that interprets or misinterprets “evidences.”

A recent Westminster Theological Journal article might be of interests to the readers, which is made available by the writer, is concern with Cornelius Van Til, evidences and John Locke’s evidentialism.   I have provided links to two different articles on PDF related to Van Til, evidences and philosophy of evidence:

1.) Christianity and Evidentialism: Van Til and Locke on Facts and Evidence.

2.) A Proposal on the Occasion and the Method of Presenting Evidence within a Van Tillian Framework.

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