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Obama's America

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To be upfront, I really don’t like the author but I did like the book.  My bias against the author has to do with the fact that when I read his previous books I get the feeling he’s kind of full of himself and it’s distracting.  I also think Dinesh D’Souza is terrible when he writes in the area of Christian apologetics or theology.  Of course his extramarital affair doesn’t help.  Yet with all the biases stacked up against him, surprisingly I did find this particular book compelling.  Readers might want to read the author’s first work on Obama, The Root of Obama’s Rage.  Both books argues that Obama is not just driven by the generic liberal Democrat worldview of Statism; rather, Obama is driven by an anticolonial worldview.  One sees this shaped in his complicated upbringing (or lack of), his ideological influence as a young man by his mentors, etc.  Like the first book D’Souza argues that this has better explanatory power for Obama’s decision and policy than Obama being an African American Liberal Democrat.  He’s has not been excited or contributed at all the agenda of Black democrats.

This book was also helpful in seeing D’Souza’s response to some of the negative reviews and attack against him in his first book.  For instance, some critics have misrepresented the author as an extremist and a “birther” but D’Souza has never implied Obama is not a US citizen; instead he has made it clear in both books how he thinks that is crazy.

What I like about this second book is that it further refines D’Souza’s original thesis.  Earlier D’Souza has made out the mom to be a victim of Obama’s father promiscuous and irresponsibility as a parent to the young Obama; but in light of new research D’Souza discovered that the mom was also quite sexually promiscuous as well.  Her desire to the feminist life style must be taken into account and modify the argument in the first book that it was the mom’s intent to keep Obama ideologically pure from the step-father’s pro-Western sympathies that led the mom to send her son back to Hawaii to be raised by Obama’s grandparents.  The other reason for her to tell her son she must go is also for her own independence.

Much more could be said about the book but I recommend you to read the book for yourself.

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The Roots of Obama's Rage

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I must say I was skeptical of this book before reading it since I am biased against the author. My reading of Dinesh D’Souza in the past has been rather disappointing. But this is probably his better work and he did a good job enough that I’m thinking about reading his follow up work on Obama. D’Souza is a better author on politics than he is on Christianity (the subject of the first two books I read by him). Here in this book D’Souza presents the biography of president Obama and argues that Obama’s public policy is best understood in light of the narrative of Obama’s upbringing. D’Souza argues that it’s not so much the narrative of Obama as the African American that is the predominate theme explaining Obama’s presidency but Obama the child who grew up in the third world and lived in the imagination of his father’s home country of Kenya. Typically I’m cautious with psycho-assertions of why people do what they do but I think this book does make the case powerfully that Obama’s radical upbringing by his mom to be like his dad and his experiences in Indonesia living with his mom that shaped him to become the man who’s ideology is to bring equality between the US and other third world nations. The strength of D’Souza’s argument to me is his analysis of Obama’s book on his father written before he publicly campaigned for president. It’s amazing to think of how Obama barely knew his father growing up but sees him almost as a god. It was quite sad reading this book to imagine the young Obama who looks up and idealized the father he never really knew. It’s no secret to those who follow Obama today that Obama’s father was far from a saint, a radical ideologue who was a dead beat husband, a drunkard who fathered many children with multiple women through affairs. Obama’s infatuation of seeking his father’s approval at times from Obama’s own word seems almost religious, with even the motif of crisis of faith and renewal. D’Souza book is captivating and made me want to learn more about Obama—not just policy but who this man who keeps much to himself is and his worldview.

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Before I comment on Libya, I want to make the observation that American laws are strict against those who support, aid and abet Radical Islam and terrorism.  I was reminded of this today when I read the news about Kamal Said Hassan recent request to be released pending sentencing. He was a Somali man who was arrested in 2008 for his connection with being in a Radical Islamic violent training camps and following orders with an Islamic insurgency group that want to bring an Islamic regime to Somalia after his return to America.  Obviously, America means business when it comes to those who support terror.

Would Obama, America’s own president be willing to aid and support Islamic jihad?  Who is the US supporting in Libya?

It’s too simple to say that the Libyan government is killing civilians (no doubt civilians are getting killed).  There’s also rebels who are fighting against him.

What I find saddening in Western media is the fact that the headlines are more about what our planes and bombs are doing instead of asking an important question of why they are bombing and fighting in the first place: Who are the insurgents we are protecting with our bombs and planes?

A good question.  Who are the Libyan rebels?

The London Telegraph has reported on March 25th, 2011 with the following headline, “Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have Al Qaeda link.”

You can read it for yourself in full by clicking HERE

However, even that headline is not totally accurate as it paints the picture of rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi just having to happen to have a few figthers here and there who have links to Al Qaeda.

When one read the entire newspiece about Al-Hasidi (some journalists call him Al-Hasadi instead), one will discover that he has fought in Afghanistan and was captured in Pakistan in 2002.  What a thought; the headline shouldn’t be some Al Qaeda linked insurgents are in Al-Hasadi’s rebel forces, but that the leader himself was involved with pro-Al Qaeda activity in Afghanistan!

It is ironic to think that in one part of the world (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq) the United States drop bombs on any who have miniscule ties to Al Qaeda, while under this current administration with President Obama, in another part of the world (Libya) we drop bombs on the enemies of those with ties to Al Qaeda instead. Remember that the Al-Qaeda linked insurgents based around the Libyan town of Derna has supplied suicide bombers in Iraq and figthers for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the past.

The U.S. have had a history within the intelligence and covert operations community of assuming that men whom we support to overthrow another regime will be our “agents” our “lackeys” but if the names like Ho-Chi-Minh, Saddam Hussein don’t ring in a bell in terms of lesson from history, we need to realize that these men who are depraved enough to murder many innocent lives and risk their own mortality is probably too depraved and vicious to be a listening “agent” of America’s agenda–whatever that agenda is.  Sadly in the current crisis with Libya, the West has yet to figure what their objective is.

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