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Since all the blogger on The Domain for Truth not only have the faith in common but also experiences with the military and law enforcement, I thought it would be appropriate to make some observation of the tragic incident.

It was hard to see the incident unfold

First the videos

And their “training” video:

This is so sad, major failure, so many irresponsible mistakes on the part of this “SWAT” team…(1) They lost their total momentum and ended up “hurry up and wait” outside the bus [inaction is worst than action, when you are already on a roll], (2) seems like the officers had no nerve to enter the bus, (3) their hammer…s didn’t work, (4) why no flash bangs, (5) why were they throwing glowsticks (6) and were doing it so late into the game (7) and even then, why can’t they even get it in, (8) why were they huddled in the back of the bus (8) why were they carrying pistols to a gunfight with a guy that had an automatic M16, (8) they kept on hammering the front door to the point they could have entered already and still were outside (9) one officer even threw his hammer in by accident (10) what kind of scaredy chicken cat enters into the actual bus with a shield instead of rifles drawn ready to aim and to kill, did he wanted to go in with “protection” and risk his life without even the possibility of doing anything to the bad guy, and (11) why were they pointing their guns at each other? (12) Aiming a gun, but looking elsewhere other than where you are aiming (13) incredibly no teamwork (14) entering the actual BUS AND THEN RUNNING OUT OF IT [what’s the point of even entering in the first place!], (15) not swinging hard with the hammer at all (16) aiming one’s gun at nothing!
I think these guys are crazy to think that the bad guy would just look out the window and they are just waiting to shoot the guy then…

Simply UNSAT.

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