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This is a late post today since I’ve been chasing all kinds of details researching for a post refuting an alleged Bible contradiction all night but I realize I had to go to sleep.  It’s a more difficult one and I had to sleep on it, even dream about doing Greek translation!  I’m still not done but Lord willing I will post it tommorow.  But that goe me thinking about appreciating other apologists who produce volumes of materials in defense of the faith.

For those interested in apologetics in defense of the faith concerning Islam, the Old Testament, Messianic prophecies and the Trinity, Sam Shamoun is someone you should remember.  He’s written quite a lot of materials on these subjects over the years and they are free.  He’s also engage in debates that you can find online such as Youtube and we have featured some of his debates as resources on our blog in the past.  He’s an apologist worth financially supporting by the way which you can do here.

Here’s a series of posts Sam has written concerning the question “Is Jesus God’s Servant or Son?”  Enjoy the links below!


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This is a two part lectues series that was done by Christian apologist Sam Shamoun over at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in 2011.  Sam Shamoun is also known as the “Assyrian Encyclopedia,” a nickname Dr. James White have mentioned in his Dividing Line Radio Show.

This resource is valuable in our day and age with the rise of Islam and radical Islam on the news.  So here’s the two videos from Youtube:


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Anjem Choudary

On Memorial Day May 25th, 2015 Christian apologist Sam Shamoun debated Islamist Anjem Choudary on the question: “Is Jesus a Prophet or is He also God?”

You can see the debate loaded up on Youtube below:

The debate was sponsored by Trinity and was part of their “Apologetics Marathon.”

Let me know what you think of the debate.

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David Wood and Sam Shamoun are two Christian apologists who have been active in dealing with the issues of Islam.  Here is one of their recent clips:

Over at David Wood’s website, they recently have conducted a poll on which Muslim Apologists the readers want them to address and the pick is Shabir Ally, and they are calling for clips of Shabir Ally’s teaching that readers want to have refuted.

Pray for these guys’ walk with the LORD, their family, their safety and wisdom in their apologetics.

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As stated before, beginning on July 15th, we began a week long focus her on Veritas Domain on the topic of Islam, with the hope of providing Christian apologetic addressing Islam, as a way of keeping our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world under the oppression of Islam in our prayers and also with the hope of having Christian defense resources on the web being offered or promoted largely with them in view.

Continuing from yesterday’s posted outline on how to witness to Muslims in light of the Quran’s view of the Bible, it seems appropriate to follow through with a video featuring the discussion between David Wood, Sam Shamoun and Paul Rezkalla concerning just who it is exactly is behind the Muslim claims that the Gospels have been corrupted.

Both Sam Shamoun and David Wood have done so much for the cause of Christian apologetics in dealing with Islam, and Islam’s attack on Christianity.  Keep these men in your prayers and may I add, financial support!


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Those who are involve with or familiar with ministry to the Muslims might be familiar with David Wood and Sam Shamoun.

They are going to Southern California for ministry during the 9/11 weekend.

Here’s a link to where you can support them financially to make this trip possible.

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A video debate that was planned by ABN in June 2011.






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