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D G Hart

Over at Christian historian Dr. Hart’s website, “Old Life,” he recently has a post titled “Would You Let Your Wife Be a Physician?” in which he responded to Christian blogger Tim Challies’ article “Sex on the Silver Screen.”  Challies makes a good point about Christians not watching sexual immorality on film but Dr. Hart didn’t like the following argument from Challies, which Hart describes as “the skin test to movies to argue against watching a performance that involves bare breasts:”

What would it take for you to be okay with your wife participating in that scene? Would you send her off to work tomorrow knowing that she would be topless for hours at a time, that she would be rolling around on a bed with another man as a crew looked on, as they adjusted the lighting, as they practiced different angles, as the director instructed her, “No, put your hands there. Move in that way…” She would not be having sex with him, but she would be doing her best to act like it, to make others believe it. She would be taking all she knows of the movements, the motion, the pleasure of sex with you and imitating it with this other man. Wife, what would it take for you to be okay with your husband stripping her and kissing her and carrying her to bed? My guess is that you cannot imagine any scenario in which that would be tolerable, in which that would be moral and right. Now hold onto that conviction for a moment.

I think Challies made a good point.  But Hart didn’t think so:

Why exactly is this a slam dunk?

Consider women who serve as physicians and examine men’s private parts (among others) for a living. Why doesn’t the skin test apply to careers in medicine? Heck, what about nurses who bathe men in hospital beds?

And it’s not just a question of exposed flesh. If we made comfort with-what-the-missus does a standard for engaging with the world, what do we do with a woman who is a defense attorney and represents people she knows to be guilty before the law? Or for those complimentarians out there, what do you do when your wife serves in the military? Leave the OPC?

The point is that we all have different standards for different levels of engaging the world.

Here’s my thoughts on Hart’s curious response:


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The G3 Conference from this year is already up!  Here are the videos:

Session #1: Josh Buice

Session #2: Tim Challies

Session #3: James White

Session #4: Richard Owen Roberts

Session #5: Voddie Baucham

Session #6: Paul Washer

Session #7: James White

Session #8: H. B. Charles Jr.

Q&A Panel Discussion

Session #9: Richard Owen Roberts

Session #10: Voddie Baucham

Session #11: Steven Lawson

Session #12: David Miller

Session #13: Paul Washer

Session #14: Steven Lawson

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I thought the post by Mennoknight over at his blog was a good standing ovation to the man.

I quote in full:

Just a point of news for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Tim Challies (the biggest Christian blogger), had an opportunity to interview John MacArthur recently and asked him a series of great questions.  I’d recommend the interview to everyone, and I’d point out the final question in the light of the current engagement of the MB Herald articles promoting theistic evolution.

Here is part 1

Here is part 2

For those of you that don’t know who John MacArthur is, he’s been the pastor of Grace Community Church for 42 years, he’s the president of the Master’s College and the Master’s Seminary, and he’s widely regarded as the foremost bible expositor (preacher) of the 21st century.  He’s written over 200 books, he’s preached through almost the entire New Testament (and all his sermons are available for free online), planted and funded 18 seminaries all over the world (one of the things funded by his book revenue), and he was the editor of the best study bible there is, no contest.  I’ve never met anyone who was familiar with him that didn’t either love him or hate him, but I’ve never met anyone that hated him for biblical reasons.   If you’re unfamiliar with him, I’d recommend reading the book The Gospel According to Jesus; that’s the book that grabbed me and started me down the long road that had me on staff at Grace Community Church and attending the Masters Seminary.

I don’t worship the man and am far more familiar with his faults than many (having attended his church and worked with him for years), but he’s a faithful pastor who preaches the word of God twice a week without compromise, doesn’t get entangled with politics, has a believing family that is connected to a local church, and has remained scandal free for his entire life.  If there’s anyone on earth I’d like to be like when I’m 65, he’s about as close as they come.  I recommend him to all my readers.

Indeed, MacArthur like any preacher is not perfect but one has to give credit where credit is due.


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