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March 2015 has been a busy month on our blog.  On the last day of the month I thought I share with you guys the top four post from this month:

1.) Evaluating RC Sproul’s Objection to Presuppositional Apologetics at the Inerrancy Summit

2.) The Inerrancy Summit Videos

3.) Inerrancy Summit Seminar Sessions Audios

4.) Evangelism and Inerrancy Interview with Tony Miano

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In my book Tony Miano is one of the better Open Air Preachers out there.  In some ways, he is refreshing to hear especially with his desire to be Biblical and his love for the local church.  Apparently a few days ago while he was in Canada he was physically assaulted during one of his open air preaching campaign as the picture indicate (Source of photo).

His facebook page has many comments with some supporting Miano while some were critical of Tony Miano’s method of evangelism.  While I think there is room for one to ask how one might engage differently in Tony’s situation, it is hard not to notice a much larger theological problem among some criticizing Miano.  I spent a significant amount of time yesterday responding to some of these comments.

Some objections seem to forget who is the victim and who is the one who inflicted harm; my response to such comments was the following:

Don’t you think there’s a certain level of irony in which the man who sinned was a victim and the victim who was physically attacked is the one you put blame on? What makes your kind of logic different from those physically abuse their victims and blame it on them?  That is frightening!

Some of the guys who were complaining needed to study the way Jeremiah and Jesus preached in their ministry.  Some thought it was wrong to say to someone that they were murderers at heart.  But we must remember the Word of Jesus:

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’ But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire. (Matthew 5:21-22 )

To those who think it is never right to say someone is a murderer in their hearts, we must ask the question: Are you better than your Savior?

We must remember:  “Name calling is a horrible display of Christianity” –Things Jesus never said (John 8:44, Matthew 12:34, 23:34)

In general I thought there were comments that were frightening spiritually to read as a Pastor: there were people with an attitude of self-righteousness almost if they were saying, “God, I thank you that you did not make me like that open air preacher! I love so much more than he, and speak more gently and graciously than he did to those who are angry with me.”

The one person I had the longest exchange with is a guy name Sean Gates.  The dialogue went as follows:

Sean Gates Way to go!?!? You pushed that person completely away from Christ. He may never give his heart to the Lord bc you preahing out out hate. Wake people. Ministry is to be done with love.

My Response: Sean you are pushing Tony Miano away when you approach Tony Miano like that by preaching against him so hatefully. Ministry is to be done with love and because of your tone and what you said I’m afriad now Tony will completely be pushed away from the softer, kinder, gentler, New Evangelicalism Politically Correct, Wierd Animal loving-VBS kind of Christianity.

Sean Gates And then you boast about your “injury” which you could have avoided by not being a moron.

My Response:I imagine you are responding to Tony Miano’s “name-calling,” among other things; don’t you think it’s kind of ironic that you called him a Moron?

Sean Gates You’re right I am. In the same since doing exactly what he did to that guy that decked him.
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My Response:Let’s repent of hypocrisy first brother Sean Gates; I think you should study how Jesus preached it might be edifying and change your perspective on open air preaching and preachers
Sean Gates But answer me this how many people came to Christ that day?

My Response:How many came to Christ when Jesus preached Matthew 23?

Sean Gates You never answered my question tho. This day this event how many people were led to the Lord!? I’m starting to think none. So that must mean this style of evangelism doesn’t work and maybe offends people who aren’t saved and getting called a murderer on the street. So maybe this pastor had what was coming him. Bc he is publicly judging people he doesn’t know. So for all this effort was for nothing. But he great news article pastor. Glad you are getting attention

My Response:In logic a question that’s a complex fallacy can’t be answered before the faulty presuppositions are addressed (see Jesus in action in Luke 20:1-8); My question to you that addresses your question still stand: how many came to Christ when Jesus preached at Matthew 23? Or how many came to repentance in Jeremiah’s ministry?

My Response: I also think it’s incredibly ironic Sean Gates that you charge Tony for judging people he doesn’t know; you called Tony a pastor more than once when he’s not one which reveal you don’t know him; yet you judge him for getting attention (something you don’t know from his heart); I’m using your own reasoning here to point out that you’re doing the same thing you are charging Tony of doing.

Sean Gates Look here is my point. Non saved people aren’t getting reached effectively by methods like this. This comes across as aggressive and they won’t even give you time of day. Evangelism its kinda like chess. You have to be strategic and spend time doing it. It’s not just something you stand out in public and yell at people through a mega phone. It’s not just something you check of your daily to do box and day well I told them about the Lord. People don’t trust any more. Spend the time and get to know the people who you are ministering too

My Response: What is “effective”? Before I came to Christ I reacted violently towards His message; but it got to me deep and later I repented; true effective evangelism is FAITHFUL to the Bible’s way of doing evangelism. again, your criticism is problematic when it goes against the ministry that Scripture commend of God’s men such as Jesus, Jeremiah and Noah.

But why would out concern? Question the methods of how you are witnessing! You need to know if you are being effective or not.  It concerns me that you guys are ok with this guy who may now never come to the Lord and in his mind this will be something that pushed him further away.

My Response: Again, read my words carefully; I think you are getting so worked up that you are slipping with self-refuting statements and other fallacies (complex questions, ad hominems, etc); I never said I didn’t care about being “effective;” note my comment earlier: ” true effective evangelism is FAITHFUL to the Bible’s way of doing evangelism.” I care about being faithful to the Way God wants us to evangelize; my dispute with you is that your criticism of Tony Miano is Biblically off the mark

Sean Gates You’re right I don’t know him. Neither does he know this murderer. Dude can keep doing this, but you can’t tell me this was effective and that he was right.

Jesus called people murderers in John 8:44 and Matthew 5:21-22; are you going to be Jesus’ evangelism consultant and tell Him it’s not effective or right? I trust you don’t have that much pride and self-righteousness; again, read your Bible.

Sean Gates Not saying God isn’t sovereign. I’m saying you’re method didn’t work. Think about what happened logically. Took called him a murderer trying to minister to him he got offended and hit you bc of what you said. God can change his heart even tho our the events that happened for sure. But you didn’t help him. You did nothing for him

Again, Jesus’ method didn’t work right? He too got rejected after His confrontational preaching in John 6, after Matthew 23 and after Luke 20. This is a great hubris if we are to evaluate evangelism by pragmatism rather than faithfulness to the Bible and the content of the Gospel and confronting sin.


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Tony Miano evangelist


If you have read our blog for any time the name Tony Miano would not be unfamiliar.  A former Sheriff Deputy and a Christian evangelist in the Open Air scene, Tony was arrested in Scotland on January 8th, 2014.  It seems the charge against him has something to do with the mention of homosexuality as a sin.  He was eventually released although he has to go back to Scotland for trial later in April.  Declaring homosexuality as sin has become a violation of the blasphemy code of the Left.

Christian Concern has the story:

Christian Legal Centre client, Tony Miano, was arrested this week after a woman complained that he had spoken about sexual sin.

The Christian street evangelist was remanded in custody overnight and later released on bail to appear before Dundee Sheriff’s Court on 22nd April.

Tony, who is a former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff, was arrested on 8th January on a charge of alleged breach of peace with “homophobic” aggravation.

He was part of a street preaching team holding a week-long mission in Scotland.

He was the second of the street pastors to address lunchtime shoppers in Dundee High Street. He talked about the nature of sin; about the different sins that Jesus had come to save people from when a woman began to shout at him.  He was preaching about sin in general and when he mentioned sexual sin including adultery, promiscuity and homosexual practice, the woman shouted that her son was gay.

Mr. Miano’s colleague, Pastor Josh Williamson of the Craigie Reformed Baptist Church in Perth, who was present at the incident explains: “Tony wasn’t focussing just on homosexual practice – it was about all sin. A woman was yelling at him and her friend noticed we were filming the preaching, so she ran up to me and tried to smash my camera.”

He says the first woman then appeared to be calling the police on her mobile just as a council warden came along and said that while we were doing nothing wrong, and had the right to free speech, we should move on.

Mr. Miano finished his preaching in a few minutes and as the street preachers packed up two police officers arrived.  At this point Pastor Williamson says the women shouted that they would get the preachers arrested.

“The female officer saw we had a camera and lunged for it and then the male policeman grabbed it and threw it in the police van,” says Pastor Williamson.

He says the male officer interviewed the women and then immediately arrested Mr. Miano, but did not question him or explain why he was being arrested.

“After Tony was put in the police van I asked why he was being arrested and was told it was for a breach of the peace and for using homophobic language,” says Josh Williamson.

Tony appeared before the Sheriff’s Court on 9th January, where he pleaded ‘not guilty’.  He has been bailed to appear for trial at Dundee Sheriff’s Court on 22 April but is free to return to his home in the United States

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, says the incident raises serious questions about police procedure and understanding of the law in dealing with such incidents.

“This appears to be an overzealous reaction by the police. The incident, adds to the number of arrests of Christian street evangelists for preaching from the Bible. It is indicative of the suppression of the freedom to speak  and live out the words of Jesus Christ in public and present the teachings of the Bible,” says Andrea.

She adds that the Christian Legal Centre is ready to serve anyone who is challenged for expressing their Christian beliefs.

“At the Christian Legal Centre we are committed to helping people to continue to preach the Gospel in our nation.”

Tony Miano was arrested in July last year, in London, for alleged ‘homophobic’ comments. The case was dropped.


Tony has also told his side of the story on the Janet Mefferd Show which one can listen to online by clicking HERE.

On his facebook page Tony Miano also posted the following account of his time in jail:

“Well, as many of you have heard, after about 28 hours, I’ve been released from jail. Pray for Robert who heard the gospel this morning as we shared a holding cell while we both awaited our court appearances.

Will be on The Janet Mefferd Show in just a bit. Then preaching tonight’s evangelistic service at Craigie Reformed Baptist Church – Perth, Scotland.

Operating on about an hour’s sleep over the last two days. Josh Williamson’s phone has been ringing non-stop for the last 24 hours.

May the Lord use all of this for his glory.

Last night in my cell, I read all of the Book of Acts and Luke 1-17. A verse that really struck me, bringing me to tears, was Luke 17:10.”

We shall see how this story develop.

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Should She Preach

The book will be shipped out October 1st, but you can already order it!  To order the book, click HERE.

This is a book on whether women can preach and specifically preach in the open air scene.  As the author points out, sometimes among some who are theologically conservative, the line is blurred concerning whether women can engage in open air preaching while theologically they won’t allow women to preach at church or be a pastor, etc.  This book is calling Complementarians to be consistent.  The author, Tony Miano, approaches this topic with great humility and confesses that he use to be among the camp that thought it was appropriate for women to engage in open air evangelism.  An open air preacher who has worked with Ray Comfort’s ministry, Tony does not engage in personal attacks of those who disagree but engages the issue with Christian conviction, gentleness and a winsome manner: I was touch to read his apology for misleading people in the past with his former position.  I appreciated Miano’s call for the readers not to read with an open mind, but an open Bible; in other words, to be Bereans.  The book is divided into two parts, with the first being the presentation of his case for why women should not be engaged in open air preaching.  Chapter one takes us back to Adam and Eve with God’s creation and His intended roles for man and woman.  He argues that gender roles were existent before the Fall.  Chapter five is the meat of the book where Miano does word studies on the Greek word for preaching, woman, etc.  Miano also analyzes the counter-arguments.  Miano makes it clear that he’s not against women evangelizing and it was helpful that he delineated what women can do for evangelism in chapter eight  He also has a moving story of what a man cannot do in evangelism that a woman can (you will have to read it yourself).  Part two features various interviews of pastors and preachers on their view of women and whether they can preach.  While I don’t want to take away from the main focus of the book, I also wanted to note other things I like about Miano’s work apart from the women preaching issue:  I appreciated how the preface was evangelistic which reveal how Tony Miano is a true evangelist, since you can never know if a nonbeliever is reading this book.  Miano has a very nuance definition of evangelism as well.  As a former Marine radio operator, I also appreciated his analogy of the prayer warrior’s role in evangelism: “The praying saint is the radio operator of a platoon pinned down by enemy fire, calling in air strikes to protect and maybe even save his comrades in arms.”  One gets to see what makes Tony tick:  He desires to be biblical and raises the par of open air preaching above the stereotype that sadly can be far too typical: He stresses the importance of local church and the par for open air preachers to be raised!  This will be the topic for his next book, “Should He preach?”  Seeing how helpful this book is, I am already anticipating the next one.

NOTE: This book is provided to me free by Tony Miano without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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These are tips on Open Air Preaching for Christian evangelism by Tony Miano.  Practical wisdom especially the ones concerning law enforcement.  Tony Miano should know–he’s a former Sheriff’s Deputy himself.


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Recently on “On The Box,” they had an interview with Matt Slick, the director of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM).  I thought those of you who employ apologetics in the setting of open air preaching might appreciate this:

Over at Triablogue, they posted this youtube clip found on Presuppositional apologetics and open air preaching:

I think all of this study of apologetics for open air preaching must also be balanced by Tony Miano’s recent call for open air preachers to have a greater maturity in their ministry and faith by studying the Scriptures for Open Air found here.

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This took place at Cerritos College.

Sadly, similar things like this happen too often before my eyes in our campus outreaches in Southern California. Shallow Christians present the biggest threat against the gospel work at times.

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