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Sometime today between 12 to 3 PM Pacific Standard Time our blog hit a new milestone: We now have had over one million views of our blog.

Thank you to all those who have read our posts, commented, reblogged and shared our materials via email and social media.  Our hope of all three bloggers is that God’s people would be edified and equipped to think more biblically and also for the lost to see an articulation of the Gospel and a Biblical worldview.  Of course I realize a big niche we fit in is the circle of Reformed believers and those who subscribe to Presuppositional apologetics but I think there’s been great fellowship with all kinds of believers here as well.

We hope the Lord would allow us to write more posts on here.

Here’s the top 10 posts of our blog that made up a good percentage of the million views:

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Blowing down the House? Part V: Can Presuppositional Apologetics account for Christian diagreements?


Walter Martin Mp3

Dr. Barrick’s Sunday School Lessons on all of Psalms!

Ray Comfort’s “180” full movie released on Youtube!

Duggar Family 20th Child, and what the Secular leftist’s response tells about their inconsistent morality

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William Barrick

Central Seminary recently asked Old Testament professor Dr. William Barrick to speak for their MacDonald Lecture series on the topic of Biblical creationism and Biblical authority.

These are hot topics today during a time where people attack the subject of Biblical creation, the historicity of Adam and the hermeneutics of Genesis.

Listen to them, follow along with the PDF document, enjoy it and be equipped!

General Sessions

Creation Outside Genesis   PDF

The Historicity of Adam    PDF

The Problem of Death       PDF

The Creation Record: Is It Poetry?     PDF

Question and Answer Sessions

Monday Q & A

Tuesday Q & A

UPDATE: To have this save on your device as a podcast, click HERE.

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Dr. William B. Barrick, Old Testament professor at The Master’s Seminary, has uploaded the PDF for the book of Ecclesiastes

Word has it, that he is currently working on a commentary on this book as well.

On another note, I think it would be an enjoyable project for a synthesis on great exegesis be done on this book by someone well verse in Presuppositional apologetics and awareness of contemporary philosophy to apply it to a whole host of contemporary worldview and isms.

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Dr. Barrick, Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary and contributor to the upcoming Genesis volume of the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is an example of Godly scholarship, diligence, wisdom and Christian holiness for anyone who knows him

His diligence always encourage me.

He has on his website his entire Sunday School lessons on PDF for the entire Psalms (all one hundred and fifty!)

They are available for your edification below!


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