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The shooting in Orlando this past Saturday has sparked a lot of emotional reaction on Social Media.  It is tragic to see a radicalized Muslim going around murdering many people.  I believe that as Christians there is a role of grieving with those who grieve.

There is also a role that Christians must speak out against evil when one sees it.  Enter this Tweet from Planned Parenthood with this response to the Orlando Shooting.

Let me know if you see the irony:

An organization that murders the most helpless members of the human race, the unborn, has tweeted they “stand against violence…”

Are we to laugh or are we to cry?  Or both?

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Planned Parenthood is a wicked organization.  May God cut their fundings, close down the organization and have their executives go to jail.

Here’s a recent video exposing them:


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Killer Angel

This book was written by George Grant, a Christian author who has also written on other works dealing with abortion and the history of abortion. This particular work focuses on the biography of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood which today is one of the largest provider of abortion. It’s not just a biography–it goes into the ideology that drove Sanger, and readers would be shock by her eugenics and social Darwinian worldview. Her worldview also shows itself also in her personal life. I appreciated Grant’s research into Sanger’s own writings and the writings of her friends and associates who worked with her. This book documents Sanger’s racist view and agenda in population control.

You can access the book for Free as a PDF here.

Or if you want to purchase a physical copy get it on Amazon.

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Live Action, a prolife organization, has once again produce another video of Planned Parenthood lies in a new investigative video released today

Let others know, post this video yourself and share the links with others

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This is a video expose by the Prolife movement at UCLA

Credits to Lila Rose for all she do in exposing Planned Parenthood’s

Watch the clip of a crime being committed

Hopefully Youtube will not delete this video as they have been doing with Live Action’s videos

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