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Here is a poem that I wrote many years ago about the importance of Gospel proclamation.  With Christmas and New Year’s Day right around the corner, I pray that the Lord will open up many doors for you to proclaim the majesty of God’s Son in a dark, twisted, and confused world.  May the light of Christ’s Word shine through dark hearts.  Soli deo gloria.

Superiority of the Gospel

The Gospel brings about worship.

Adversity comes when there is an absence of worship.

Proclaiming the Gospel is temporary,

But the worship of God is eternal.

Sing to the God who is eternal.

Superiority of Gospel starts and ends in worship.

The Gospel fuels worship.

However, the Devil’s spell of damnation,

Comes to many who enjoy the greatness of sin’s facade.


Evangelize the lost,

So they may enjoy the greatness of God—

Found at the cross.

At the cross,

There was a great cost.

His substitution will never be at lost.

For that, our voices rejoice

Psalm 97:1”

“The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice;

let the many islands be glad!”

Without worship,

Sin reigns in the unbeliever.

Because of sin,

The earth groans with one voice.

Because of sin,

The coast-lands are unable to rejoice.

One day,

Sin will be outlawed with God’s hot lightening rod.

Sin will be outlawed by the supreme act of God.

For that,

We praise and obey You.

Psalm 67:3-4,

“Let the peoples praise you,

O God; Let all the people praise you!

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy;

For You judge the peoples with uprightness

And guide the nations on the earth.”  Selah

But all unbelievers,

Continually disobey You rather than praise You.

They will be squashed like mayonnaise before You.

Outside of Christianity,

Judgement comes upon all cities.

God will judge all with equity.

He will judge all in the inner city;

In the political committee,

Or in the nitty-gritty.

Most people want no guide.

Their hearts and minds are filled with their undignified, sinful joy-rides.

They keep sinning with huge strides.


Gospel proclamation starts and ends in worship.  There will be tunnel vision with no precision in your Gospel proclamation if it does not begin and end in worship.  But your soul will sink like the Titanic ship that wasn’t equipped.

Many nations give world-wide,

Far and wide;

And eagle-eyed attention to celebrities like the King of Pop—

Rather than Jesus Christ who reigns nonstop.

He bought us with a price.

What other knowledge can suffice?

All other knowledge fleas away and decays away like lice.

So if you enjoy God and want others to enjoy Him—

Proclaim Him,

Like the great hymns.


No passion for God in worship,

Equals a facade in your walk with God.

Don’t be like others who superficially applaud for God,

But are nothing but frauds that belong to the wicked squad.


So if you enjoy God,

Commend your friends, their boy friends, and their girl friends about God.

Let them taste and see that God is good.

May the Kings of kings not be misunderstood.

Tell them to listen,


And apprehend,

Jesus Christ who is better than their best friend.


Gospel proclamation starts and ends in worship.  There will be tunnel vision with no precision in your Gospel proclamation if it does not begin and end in worship.  But your soul will sink like the Titanic ship that wasn’t equipped.


We worship an infinite great God.

Don’t worship him alone in the backseat,

Or only in church retreats,

Or sing to Him like you do with Sesame Street.

Our worship of God is not a fallacious book like Live Your Best Life Now, by Joel Osteen.

Who give messages that are obscene,

That taste bad like rotten sardine.

The Bible is not psychotherapy,

But spiritual therapy.


We worship God with overwhelming greatness;

Who provides spiritual therapy—

To those who suffer from spiritual leprosy.

The cosmos and life are held within His decree.

Isaiah 40:25-26, “

25″To whom then will you compare me,
that I should be like him? Says the Holy One.
26Lift up your eyes on high and see:
who created these?
He who brings out their host by number,
calling them all by name,
by the greatness of his might,
and because he is strong in power
not one is missing.”


We worship the great God because no one can be compared to Him.


We sing hymns to Him.

We worship Him,

Because He saved us from sin’s grim.

The Holy One—

No one is like Him.

The Seraphims cry out:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts,
The whole earth is full of His glory.”~Isaiah 6:3

The Holy One:

Jesus Christ,

Paid the ultimate price for sin,

Made a sacrifice for sin;

And He gave His life at any price for sin.

Lift up your eyes!

God is great with might and is always right.

He is also reachable and not out of sight.


God is great!

With His promises,

He is never late;

Nor does He procrastinate.


Gospel proclamation starts and ends in worship.  There will be tunnel vision with no precision in your Gospel proclamation if it does not begin and end in worship.  But your soul will sink like the Titanic ship that wasn’t equipped.

God is the absolute that everyone must come to terms with.

Everything depends entirely in His will.

May the nations know how good our God is.

Tell them who our great God is.

Tell them God called Israel for His glory (Is. 49:3).

Tell them that God rescued Israel from Egypt for His glory (Psalm 106:7-8).

Tell them that God defeated Pharaoh at the Red Sea to show His glory (Exodus 14:4).

Tell them that God gave Israel victory in Canaan for His glory (2 Samuel 7:23).

Tell the nations God chose His people for His glory (Ephesians 1:4-6, 12, 14).

Tell them that God created us for His glory (Is. 43:6-7).

Tell them all are under judgment for dishonoring God’s glory.

Tell them that God struck Herod down dead because he did not give God glory.

Tell them that their ultimate aim should be to taste and see God’s good glory.

Tell them that God did not cast away His people because of His glory.

Tell them that Jesus endured His final hours of suffering for God’s glory (Jn. 12:27-28).

Tell them that God suffered and died for those who would believe and repent for His glory.

Poem was adapted and inspired by John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad!: The Supremacy of God in Missions, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2005), 17-44.

Unpublished Work © 2012 EvangelZ

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Two Carbon footprints just got married

The world is in frailty,

Its prophet, the poet, suffers defective inability,

To sing of a meaningful melody,

And its attempt to romanticize the lovely,

Is a pathetic pity,

Wondering about what message we send to other galaxy,

Through our satellite signal and radio waves for TV,

Wondering beyond this earth if there might be,

Something out there but with no reference to Deity,

Yet hoping ever slightly,

Perhaps just an alien there might be,

Might see,

To make it a worthwhile cherish memory,

Etched on a galaxy,

Of static and planetary body,

Wanting love to be more than neurons chemistry,

Yet disturbed with irony:

Wars, peace and the ugly,

Yet the existence of moments so lovely?

Oh, can it be?

In a wedding where greetings are many,

Smiles and hugs are plenty,

The poet preaches his religion of philosophy,

Long, boring, no rhyme, it is pathetic really,

The annoyed audience smiles politely,

Like they do to a boring priest’s eulogy,

The poet center-staged philosophizing love and the ugly,

Such dialectical Kantian philosophy!

Unable to synthesize the two reality,

The existence of love and the ugly,

The clown left his closing line no hope of the pretty,

To his poison of existential philosophy,

“All is meaningless if you ask me”,

The audience, not understanding his poetry,

Has the stupid audacity,

To applaud for his poetry,

With no rhyme and a bad philosophy,

That undermines the point of getting marry!

Such Post-modernity,

What agnosticism of what is lovely!

A poet, the priest of ungodly philosophy,

Delivers his blowing lines to his own family!

How offensive, how can he?!

There’s got to be a law if you ask me,

Of Separation of Wedding and philosophy!

As people clap I watch his expression intently,

So much to be applauded for nothing really,

In a world with no reference to God,

The glory of getting marry,

It’s beauty,

Becomes so ugly,

A fading moment till all dies with the memory,

All the attendee, the couple and everybody,

In frail morality,

Are nothing more than specks of dust really,

In a particle filled no-God galaxy,

Two carbon footprint just got married…


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The Story Of The Birth Of Jesus


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I was looking for a particular book on the fear of God and came across a website that has a bunch of John Bunyan’s works:

Acacia John Bunyan Banner


A Few Sighs From Hell,
or, The groans of the damned soul.

The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded

I Will Pray With the Spirit and With the Understanding Also-
or, A discourse touching prayer.

The Holy City,
or, The New Jerusalem

The Resurrection of the Dead, and Eternal Judgment,
or, The truth of the resurrection of the bodies, both of good and bad at the last day: asserted, and proved by God’s word.

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
(A spiritual autobiography.)

Christian Behavior

Reprobation Asserted,
or, The doctrine of eternal election and reprobation promiscuously handled.

The Strait Gate,
or, Great difficulty of going to heaven.

The Pilgrim’s Progress – Part One

A Treatise of the Fear of God

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman

Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ,
or, A plain and profitable discourse on John 6:37.

The Holy War
made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the regaining the Metropolis of the World,
or, The losing and taking
again of the Town of Man-soul.

The Greatness of the Soul

Seasonable Counsel,
or, Advice to sufferers.

The Pilgrim’s Progress – Part Two

The Barren Fig Tree,
or, The doom and downfall of the fruitless professor.

The Water of Life,
or, A discourse showing the richness and glory of the grace of the Gospel, as set forth in the Scripture by this term, ‘The Water of Life’.

John Bunyan’s Last Sermon,
Preached August 19, 1688, from John 1:13.

The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate

The Jerusalem Sinner Saved,
or, Good news for the vilest of men.

An Exposition on the First Ten Chapters of Genesis,
and part of the eleventh.

Of Antichrist and His Ruin

Christ a Complete Saviour,
or, The intercession of Christ, and who are privileged in it.

The Saints’ Knowledge of Christ’s Love,
or, The unsearchable riches of Christ, Eph. 3:18, 19.

A Discourse of the House of the Forest of Lebanon

The Acceptable Sacrifice,
or, The Excellency of a Broken Heart

The Heavenly Footman,
or, A description of the man that gets to Heaven; together with the way he runs in, the marks he goes by; also, some directions how to run so as to obtain.

A Relation of My Imprisonment

Justification by an Imputed Righteousness,
or, No way to Heaven but by Jesus Christ.

A Discourse Upon the Pharisee and the Publican

Saved by Grace,
or, A discourse of the grace of God.

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Since its almost Christmas, I thought I share this poem …

The Story Of The Birth Of Jesus
Once a cold night in December,
Began a story we all remember,
With angels singing praise,
And nearby Shepherds daze.

That night in a lonely manger,
Could not have been lonelier,
For a young pregnant virgin,
With no room in the inn.

A Holy Child was born,
In a place that’s not adorn,
For the Child was a King,
Salvation He will bring.

A bright star marked the sky,
And Wise Men even came by,
Searching for the mighty One,
God’s Holy Son.

Shepherds who worked at night,
Saw an angel gleaming bright,
As they headed for the manger,
That one night in December.

In that lonely manger,
There lay the Savior,
By the Virgin Mother,
And Joseph besides her.

Of what they witness in the stall,
They praise God for what they saw.

And when they went away that night,
From that manger site,
The Good news got around,
That in a little Judea town,
A little child wrapped warmly,
Was a child of God’s Glory.

This story, now many years old,
And millions of times retold,
Reached many different places,
And all kind of races.

Many have been blessed,
Because of the birth of Jesus.

By Jimmy Li

For more poem read this.



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