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The Struggle of Supplications to God

Selected Verse

Establish the need: Do you regularly God to God with prayer requests, asking Him for things?

Purpose: Today we shall see three points concerning prayers of supplication towards God so that we be daily bringing our requests to God.

  • We are commanded to bring requests to God
  • Struggles of bringing requests to God
  • Helps for bringing requests to God



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photo of child reading holy bible

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Objection to Prayer: If God is sovereign why pray?

Selected Verse

Establish the need: If God is sovereign why pray?

Purpose: Today we shall consider six points in answering the question: If God is sovereign why pray?

  1. Point 1: We need to affirm God is sovereign
  2. Point 2: We pray simply because prayer is commanded by God
  3. Point 3: Prayer requests presupposes God’s sovereignty
  4. Point 4: The question wrongly assumes prayer is just asking for things
  5. Point 5: Prayer doesn’t change God’s mind
  6. Point 6: Prayer changes our situation


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Our “This Sunday” series will be another a Corona Virus edition.  Last week we wrote “The Church during the days of Corona Virus: Pray for those who are unemployed.”  For this Sunday here’s what you can do: Pray for those who have the virus.


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I have been caught up so busy with my church ministry but I also need to be finishing up my courses to teach theology next month in an undisclosed country that is security sensitive.  Of course during the weeks I’m overseas there will be guest posts on here given my access to the internet will be limited.

Pray for my preparation.  This include not only studying for and actually making my lecture outlines but also making power point presentations.  I also need to get it done sooner too to have it sent out to be translated into the native language.  Due to language issues the text books I would like to use is limited so I also need to read one of the books for assigned reading sometime as well.

Pray for my strength and wisdom to finish everything.  Thank you so much for those who are praying!

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If you have been on WordPress for any given amount of time  you might be familiar with Vincent S Artale Jr.  He reblogs a lot of posts on Wordress and also on other platform.

Vincent has a Health Update/Surgery.  He will be having surgery tommorow  at 730am Eastern Standard Time.

Keep him in your prayers.

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Can’t ignore this big hurricane heading towards Florida though I’m at the other side of the United States well away from this storm.

I’m praying for the Lord’s grace to the people who will be in the storm’s path.

I think we all should pray.

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Pray for my studies as I will be leaving before the Summer is over to teach theology at several undisclosed countries overseas.  I need to finish my preparation and I’m feel unusually tired this Summer with ministry in my local church.  It has been a very busy time for me the last few months.

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I appreciated many of you a few weeks ago praying for Vincent S. Artale JR concerning his heart attack.  He is pretty active on WordPress and many of you know him from his reblogging of your posts!

This upcoming Thursday he will be having another surgery.  It will be a stent surgery.  Pray for the Lord to be gracious to his health.  Pray for wisdom for the surgical team and nursing staff.


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Some of you on WordPress are familiar with brother Vincents Artale jr.  No doubt he’s probably reblogged some of your posts.  This week Vincent had a heart attack.

The following is from his post mentioning about his heart attack:

Hey everyone, we’ll the last 2 days have been interesting to say the least.

The last 60 days I’ve been struggling with some chest pain, after a visit with my Cardiologist we were waiting for approval for a cardio-catheter test to be approved. Well, after walking from the living room to the kitchen, 911 needed to be called Wednesday night. God bless those men and women, they were part of everyone saving my life.

The tests were done and 3 blockages were revealed. The doctors were amazed I was still alive. An Angioplasty catheter was successfully performed and 2 stents have been inserted, 1 more to be done in the upcoming weeks.

Pastor Jim at Domain for Truth and Brother Wally thank you for all your prayers, I love you guys. Now that I’m making this known to everyone, please join in Prayer, not just me but for all us.

My infamous reblogging abilities will resume on Monday…oh btw, I’m now home resting, follow up Dr visits coming up next wee

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