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Someone online asked for help for dealing with this statement: “The Bible doesn’t promote consent because marriages were arranged, sometimes against the woman’s will.”

Here’s my quick thoughts.


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between January 8th-14th, 2020.

1.) Eli Ayala Interview: Conversation on Today’s Presuppositional Apologetics

2.) Bible Contradiction? Should we believe everything?

3.) Reforming Apologetics (Transcendental Arguments)

4.) Want to see what we’re reading? Check us out on Goodreads!

5.) A sufferer-centered theodicy

6.) Apologetics Sermon Illustration #53: Spin the Bottle for Multiple Choice Homework and Atheism’s Destruction of Knowledge


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Point: Cornelius Often many anti-theists and proponents of non-Christian religions that reject the sovereignty of God would believe that chance is ultimate.  Cornelius Van Til the father of Presuppositional apologetics believes a chance universe is self-defeating of knowledge in which chance makes everything unintelligible as he stated in this excerpt

So hopeless and senseless a picture must be drawn of the natural man’s methodology based as it is upon the assumption that time or chance is ultimate. On his assumption his own rationality is a product of chance. On his assumption even the laws of logic which he employs are products of chance. The rationality and purpose that he may be searching for are still bound to be products of chance. So then the Christian apologist, whose position requires him to hold that Christian theism is really true and as such must be taken as the presupposition which alone makes the acquisition of knowledge in any field intelligible, must join his “friend” in his hopeless gyrations so as to point out to him that his efforts are always in vain. (Source: Cornelius Van Til, The Defense of the Faith (P&R, 1972), p. 102.)

Van Til’s own illustration in the famous quote was the following:

Suppose we think of a man made of water in an infinitely extended and bottomless ocean of water. Desiring to get out of water, he makes a ladder of water. He sets this ladder upon the water and against the water and then attempts to climb out of the water. (Source)

But I think the following illustration below would be a helpful supplement to explain why a chance ultimate universe makes knowledge irrational and unintelligible.


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Off to Jury Duty!
So Here are links concerning Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between January 1st-7th, 2020.

1.) Letter of Gratitude to Domain for Truth

2.) Bible Contradiction? From what were the fowls created?

3.) Presuppositionalists in the Dock

4.) Does God have a purpose in life?

5.) Presuppositional Apologetics Examines The Bible vs the Qur’an

6.) Psalm 24: The Messiah as Coming King

7.) Atheists Instructed to Lie to their Children


9.) A Homicide Detective On The Moral Claims Of Atheists – Wallace Interview

10.) Book Review: A Matter of Days 2nd Edition by Hugh Ross


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Happy New Year!

These are links gathered from December 22nd-31st, 2019 related to Presuppositional apologetics!  Enjoy!

1.) Our Top 10 Posts of 2019

2.) A blind and deaf camcorder engineer

3.) Bible Contradiction? From what were the animals created?

4.) Atheist Delusions: A Review Rebooted

5.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 51 – J. Warner Wallace Interview – Part 1

6.) Free PDF Apologetics’ Dissertation: How Language, Beauty, and Literature Point Toward the Existence of God


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Here’s a doctoral dissertation that Southern Seminary has made available titled “An Argument from Sublime Literature: How Language, Beauty, and Literature Point Toward the Existence of God.”  This is a treat for those into apologetics!  The dissertation was written by Daniel Blackaby and was completed on November 7th, 2018.  Its neat to see his dissertation is available online for free.

Here’s an abstract:


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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between December 15th-21st, 2019.

(While it is not in this week’s round up I do want to share Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional Apologetics for 2019 since we are in the month of December)

1.) Cave to the Cross Ep. 50 – How To Be An Atheist – Ch.19 – What’s The Point Of It All

2.) Bible Contradiction? Was Jeconiah the son or grandson of Josiah?

3.) All Roads Lead to God: Nope – The Anger at The Exclusiveness of Jesus

4.) The Hubris of Dawkins


6.) For Nihilists The Primary Moral Question Is Whether One Should Do Themselves In – Sober Skeptic

7.) A Hume-Inspired Transcendental Argument

8.) Review: Answers for Kids Box Set


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