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Note: This is a guest post since presently I am overseas.  This is by  Scott Sullivan. Scott is a slave to Christ and husband to his wife, Angie. He is an artist and writer, living in the beautiful countryside of Lancaster, PA. He can be found at: SullysBrain.com


Ok. I have a little bit of a problem. I like being right. Often, too much. While it sounds like like a lofty goal to strive for a high level of accuracy and help people understand advanced topics, I have to admit, far too often, it is simply for puffing up my own pride. It took the hard truth of scripture and a recent journey to discover my biological family that helped me truly understand this, and it all happened with God’s perfect timing.


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I saw someone shared a news story on Christmas day with the following headlines, “Star Wars fans and video game geeks ‘more likely to be narcissists’, study finds.”  The first three paragraphs states

Those who take part in “geeky events” are more likely to have an “elevated grandiose” level of narcissism, according to a study conducted by the University of Georgia.

Psychologists examined the personality traits of those who turn to “geek culture”, developing a Geek Culture Engagement Scale and a Geek Identity Scale to help quantify the figures.

It was found that those who scored highly on both scales were more likely to narcissists.

Since we’re doing a current series on our blog on Christian worldview series on superheroes and comics I thought it was timely to post on this finding especially after reading the abstract to the actual study identified geek and geek culture relations to “obscure media” which include comics:


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