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Evil things happen here.  Not for the faint of heart or for those who are fearful of lovingly confronting sinners who are in need of Christ.  What a day!  After having a an hour long lengthy conversation at Panera Bread at Westfield North County Mall with Brick, a senior citizen who is a universalists and Ravi his friend, I was incited to make a presence at Planned Parenthood.  While there, I was able to plead with my first contact Francisco who came out from the doors of PP concerning the countless numbers of babies in their early gestational periods–made in God’s image,(feet and fingers forming already) that are murdered by the abortion pill (abortifacient, RU-486).  He was very attentive and seemed to take heed to what was said.  Pray that he calls me so that I can share more details of the Gospel.  I was also able to make pity and concise statements of God’s Word to the PP workers who were leaving in order to stir their conscience.

As I had a brief conversation with a professing believer who made her way to a store near PP, we had a edifying conversation concerning the ghastly industry of abortion.  As I look right over my shoulder I saw a patient leaving PP and making her way to the car.  I made a brief comment to her concerning the murder that takes place.  It seemed like there was a moment of conviction as she turned her head towards me and seemed to have a melancholy spirit.  She needs the Gospel of grace.  I also had an opportunity to speak to another lady along with her son whose name is Dante in the car and showed Dante and his mother pictures of the babies who are murdered in that center.  She seemed to be in tears as I spoke to her about these precious babies who are made in God’s image.  I wonder if PP show these pictures to their patients before killing them.  Being at PP gave me the opportunity to also share the Gospel with Z who is an Iraqi that works at Havana Cigars near PP.  He seemed opened.

Another blessed moment was when I approached a couple: Mohammed and Rachel.  I confronted them with the horrors of Planned Parenthood and encouraged to go to a pro-life/pregnancy crisis center.  Praise God, by God’s grace, they took down the information and took my Gospel tract and said that they would contact the other center.  They did not desire to go inside PP. That is the first time, I have experienced a couple expressing concern over PP.  The day ended with an engagement with a professing Christian who stated I had no right to judge people concerning what they do with their body.  I responded by saying, God has already judged as stated according to His Word.

Yes, brethren, there are professing believers who will oppose your work.  And often times, they do the most damage by being vessels of discouragement, but press on!  They are not the ones who will judge your work, it will be God.  Love Him and love people.

The truth of the matter is that PP is not a compassionate institution, but they destroy lives and are deceivers.  Many are unaware of the heinous services they provide.

Also, next time you go to PP, show people entering the doors of these butcher clinics, the pictures of the babies that are being murdered.  It may place a great weight of conviction upon their consciences.


Brothers and sisters, we are dealing with spiritual warfare.  Lives hang in the balance–please be the voice for the voiceless, the speechless, and the defenseless.  I am thankful for the insurmountable amount of resources we have concerning this pertinent topic, but let us engage face to face with sinners who are lost and in need of Christ. Theological discourse online can only go so far.  We must snatch people out from death and from the fire.  Look them in the face and compassionately tell them the doctrine of the image of God.  And ultimately remember that this war is not merely about abortion, it is mainly a hostile attack against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I leave with these words from a Christian abolitionist group:

We live in a world where human beings are routinely poisoned, burned, crushed, torn apart, discarded as trash, and destroyed in countless other ways simply because they are unwanted, inconvenient, and not yet born.

They are created in labs, incarcerated in icy chambers, and genetically modified to meet parental preferences.

They are dehumanized, experimented upon like rats, and bought and sold as scientific commodities.”

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This satire was too good not to share.  Really put it in perspective with the whole Planned Parenthood fiasco.

The 3 minutes and 37 seconds is worth your time.


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Previously I posted “Good Memes Refuting Defense of Planned Parenthood (8/1/15).”  With this current battle for the life of the unborn, speaking out is important in changing public opinion through the grace and mercy of God.  In light of that, I thought I post a second round of good memes.  Again I’ve given links to where the original could be found so that you can also further share them on Social Media.  It is time to speak out!

Are there others you want to share with us?



dentist percentage killing lion



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Four days ago I posted my .  I want to revisit one of Cecile Richards’ quote again:

While predictably these videos do not show anything illegal on Planned Parenthood’s part, medical and scientific conversations can be upsetting to hear, and I immediately apologized for the tone that was used, which did not reflect the compassion that people have come to know and expect from Planned Parenthood.

My response to this quote has already been given in the previous post but here I want to make a further observation that according to Planned Parenthood’s own president these videos show Planned Parenthood’s “medical and scientific conversations.”  Cecile Richards herself admits this.

Now what exactly do we find in these medical conversations?


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Cecile RichardsThe President of Planned Parenthood, the largest organization that performs abortion in the United States has come out swinging in an opinion piece on July 29th over at the Washington Post in defense of her organization after being exposed for selling aborted babies titled “These extremist videos are nothing short of an attack on women.”  Planned Parenthood various social media accounts have been promoting this piece and I think a response is in order.

Here’s my response to this piece.

1.) “Planned Parenthood has been a trusted nonprofit provider of women’s health care for nearly a century.”

Response: That near century history of Planned Parenthood isn’t as bright as she makes it out to be.  The founder Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist who have given talks to the Ku Klux Klan, and even in recent history whistle blowers have given an account that doesn’t paint the image of an organization with a century long trustworthy reputation.  Richards attempt to portray a sanitized PC airbrushed image of Planned Parenthood to try to cover up the heinous sin of the abortion it commits and how it treat the body parts afterwards.


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In a Washington Post opinion piece yesterday (July 29th) Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards gave a defense of her organization after being exposed for selling aborted babies body parts.  I hope to respond to the whole article in another post later today but for now I want to look at one of her claims about her organization.


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Planned Parenthood is a wicked organization.  May God cut their fundings, close down the organization and have their executives go to jail.

Here’s a recent video exposing them:


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