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Christmas gift on defocused lights background This is the fifth year on our blog in which we post our recommendations of books as Christmas gifts on the subject of Presuppositional apologetics and the Christian worldview.  When I first began this I didn’t think it would be that popular. Here are the past years’ recommendation:

This year list’s of recommended books on Presuppositional apologetics is below.  Each category has one book with a brief description, a link to my review and links to purchase the book.

For Nonbelievers

What’s Your Worldview? by James N. Anderson

What's Your Worldview James Anderson Description: Dr. Anderson has written a book with a “Choose Your Own adventure” format that is great for non-Christians! My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

For Discipleship

Christian Answers to Hard Questions (9 Booklet Set)

Christian Answers to Hard Questions Description: Booklet series that is perfect for discipleship discussion! Video interviews and links to my review of individual books can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Westminster 

For Beginners

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen

Bahnsen Always Ready Description: Many think this is the best introduction to Presuppositional apologetics! My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

For Intermediate and Advance Students

The Doctrine of the Christian Life (A Theology of Lordship) by John Frame

Doctrine of Christian Life John Frame Description: I feel many discussion in apologetics’ today touches on the area of ethics.  This book is more than helpful! My Review can be found by clicking HERE.   Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

For Those Who Probably Have Every Book on Presuppositional Apologetics

The Doctrine of the Christian Life (A Theology of Lordship) by John Frame

John Frame's Selected Shorter Writings Volume 1 Description: A more recent book that is probably not as well known at this time.  Good collection of essays from John Frame! My Review can be found by clicking HERE. Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

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Yesterday I posted a book review by Dr. Peter Jones who use to teach at Westminster Seminary California and is an expert on Paganism and the new spirituality.

I thought I share this Youtube video of him teaching about the Gnostic Gospel during Ligonier Ministries 2010 West Coast Conference.

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camden buceyIf you listen to Reformed Forum Podcast you will be familiar with the name Camden Bucey who is the President of Reformed Forum and currently a Pastor at Hope OPC.  He also has an Master of Divinity and a doctorate in Systematic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Bucey has taught a series on Presuppositional apologetics last year.  The audio recording of those messages has been made available on the church website and are reproduced below.  Click on them to download the MP3s.

1.) Introduction to Defending the Faith

2.) Worldviews and Philosophy According to Christ


4.) Revelation

5.) Who and What is Man?

6.) The Antithesis

7.) Common Grace

8.) Presuppositions

9.) Apologetic Method

10.) Strategies and Tactics

11.) Proof and Evidences

12.) Review and Examples


Thanks to Jeff Downs for pointing these out to us!

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Two weeks ago I posted videos related to a booklet series of Christian Answers to Hard Questions Series by Westminster Theological Seminary.  I’ve enjoyed reading these booklets and hope to eventually review them all.  I find them to be helpful tools as introductory discipleship on a Christian worldview from a Reformed and Van Tillian perspective.

It can be purchased for a discounted cost if you click HERE.

Here’s my review of David Garner’s How Can I know for Sure?

The book begin by noting the problem with how philosophy and religion often fail to answer the most fundamental questions in life.  Concerning philosophy, the author observed the difficulty of rationalism with trusting in our intellectual powers that suffer insurmountable limitations while with empiricism it leaves us trusting in our experience but then we can’t experience everything.  Religion, like philosophy has often failed to give answers that transcend mere human speculation.

The book then addresses our need for God’s revelation in order to answer life’s important questions.  I was happy that the author approached the issue of epistemology theologically and managed to talk about the concept of man’s suppression of the truth, and the self-attesting revelation of God.  Here we find in the book a very good definition of self-attesting:  “we mean that is authority cannot be measured by comparison to something outside itself, because as God’s voice it possesses final authority.”  I also appreciated the book bringing the doctrine of illumination to bear in answering the question of how we can know for sure what Scripture has to say.  Of course handling the subject of certainty and theory of knowledge from a Reformed and Van Tillian perspective will inevitably lead to the discussion of circular reasoning.  The author notes here that the certainty we get from Scripture isn’t a “woodenly” circular reasoning (I just thought of the adjective “woodenly” right now); but theologically the position is more nuance, in that it’s the Spirit’s testimony to the Scripture.  I also appreciate the author’s discussion of circularity in terms of a moral dimension in which he noted that the sinful circularity of unbelief that reasons in darkness and autonomously.

In terms of constructive criticism I wished the author could have spent more time showing how empiricism and rationalism failed.  The booklet has great footnotes.  When he made passing reference to the fact of the Bible’s fulfilled prophecies, fulfilled prophecies of the Messiah and the basic reliability of the Bible, I don’t think it’s fair to demand he fleshed that out for a small booklet (not to mention it would become another book than on certainty of knowledge for a Christian); but I think it would help footnoting further references.  I heard the author’s interview of this booklet over at Reformed Forum and felt the interview covered other grounds people might be asking that the limitation of a booklet presents.  It might be helpful to read the book and listen to the interview.

NOTE: This book was provided to me free by P&R Publishing and Net Galley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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Videos of Christian Answers to Hard Questions by Westminster Theological Seminary As a busy pastor discipling God’s people I see the need for books that are short, concise, biblical and hard hitting as a resource in training up God’s people to have a Christian worldview (among other things of course). I have found that the series of booklet titled “Christian Answers to Hard Questions” written by various faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary to be quite helpful in that regards.  I have reviewed some of them in the past on our blog and Lord willing next week I’ll be reviewing several more of these works.  (I will also link my reviews on here under each booklet for those who may wish to bookmark this) You can order them as a set from WTS Bookstore at 50% off by clicking HERE. Eight of nine works have already been published; the one still not available is on the topic of Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design. The following below are videos related to each of these wonderful little booklets.  I think these videos are also helpful!

Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress

Christianity and the Role of Philosophy

Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

(My Review)

Should You Believe in God?

Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

(My Review)

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?

Rev. Dr. Brandon Crowe

The Morality of God in the Old Testament

Rev. Dr. Gregory Beale

(My Review)

Did Adam Exist?

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress (My Review)

How Did Evil Come Into This World?

Rev. Dr. WilliamEdgar (My Review)

How Can I Know?

Rev. Dr. David Garner (My Review)

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westminster theological seminary biblical counseling

Westminster Theological Seminary has no doubt been tremendously impactful in churches across the world beyond the Conservative Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).  Besides Reformed Theology, the Seminary has also also introduced to the church at large in other denomination Presuppositional apologetics (as systematized by their professor Cornelius Van Til) and also Biblical Counseling through Jay Adams who taught there from 1963 through 1983.  Westminster Seminary also houses the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) which has been training people in Nouthetic Counseling since 1968.  Many professors in Biblical counseling in other seminary do have their doctorate work done at Westminster.  No doubt it would be appropriate to see what resources WTS has made available to the Public.  The Seminary has free audios available of lectures concerning Biblical counseling over at Itunes University!

Here are the topics the lectures covered:

1.) Dynamics of Biblical Change

2.) All Theology is Practical Theology

3.) When People Go Insane

4.) Command: Resist the Devil

5.) Dealing with a Person’s Past

6.) Union With Christ: Dynamic for Change

7.) Temptation

8.) Homosexuality

9.) Union With Christ: God at Work

10.) A.D.H.D Diagnosis

11.) Therapy and Faith: Integration or Inundation?

You can access the audios at ITunes University by clicking HERE.

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Carl Trueman’s debate was recorded and is now up on Vimeo.  It’s subtitled, “”A Lively Conversation About the Things that Matter Most.”

Thank you Westminster Theological Seminary for having this up!



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