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Al Mohler

This was my notes on Al Mohler’s message during Shepherd’s Conference.  Shepherd’s Conference is a conference for Pastors and church leader at John MacArthur’s church.

John 15

We are seeing an increasing hostility to Christianity in the culture.  The danger is that Evangelicals think if we are clever enough we as Christians can be at peace with the world.

We are going to see in this passage multiple temptations.

There’s a big assumption among people today that there can be neutrality.


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I’m looking forward to this year’s Shepherd’s Conference, a conference for Pastors and church leaders sponsored by Grace Community Church where John MacArthur is the Pastor.

They even made this neat trailer:

Seems like the theme would be on the Reformation in light of the Reformation’s 500 years anniversary.  Lord willing I’ll be blogging through the sessions on February 28th-March 3rd.

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Are you are at the Shepherd’s Conference?  Need book recommendations to use your 40 dollars gift cards on at the Conference bookstore?  Let us help. =)

My favorite publisher is Presbyterian and Reformed.

Here’s the books I recommend with links to my reviews.

The Flow of the Psalms by O. Palmer Robertson


The Flow of the Psalms

Short Summary: What an amazing resource on the structural flow of the Psalms and how it enriches our interpretation of the Psalms!  A life time of study is put into this work from Dr. Robertson.  My review is found here.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon


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Shepherds conference assembly

I normally don’t like attending conferences as a Pastor (there’s too many out there).  But the one conference I look forward to as a Pastor is the Shepherd’s Conference.  It is a refreshing time for me as a Pastor to hear biblical preaching (rare in our day today in pulpits of many churches), browse through lots of books, get free books from the Conference, enjoy good food and awesome fellowship.  This year’s conference is on March 9-13.

As I’m looking forward to the conference where thousands of biblical preachers and pastors all over the US and the world head towards Los Angeles, I was also looking back at the last eight years attending Shepherd’s and asking myself, “Of all the sermons at the Shepherd’s Conference what were the most memorable messages?”  

I know there’s a segment of “silent” readers of this blog who attend the conference every year who never comment, so here’s a good time to make your first comment and share your thoughts.


Here are the two messages that stood out to me:


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