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I won’t be sharing pictures on my blog since I travel overseas to teach theology but I can say that we visit South Carolina during our vacation and got to visit Fort Sumter where the Civil War’s first shot took place.  Its why I reviewed a book on Fort Sumter this month.  See 

A History of Fort SumterThis post I want to share a devotional thought.


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This is one of the books I finished while on vacation!  A weekend non-fiction fun read as a break from heavy theological reading: Because Pastors need a break also!  Haven’t done one of these in a while!

A History of Fort SumterPatrick Hendrix. A History of Fort Sumter: Building a Civil War Landmark. Charleston, SC: The History Press, March 4, 2014. 161 pp.

5 out of 5

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Most people have probably have heard of Fort Sumter from their history book as the place where the Confederates fired the first shot that launched the Civil War but did you know there were battles and military operations concerning Fort Sumter and around Fort Sumter between the Confederates and the Union after the first attack?  This book examines Fort Sumter not just with the historically memorable artillery barrage by South Carolians against Union troops in the Fort but it also goes over the history of the founding of the Fort, the tension between South Carolina and the fort for decades leading up to the attack and also the history of the fort militarily after the fateful attack of April 12-13, 1861.  And it was an interesting book written by the author even for a general reading audience.


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