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There is now a drawing for a limited time of free books offered by Kress Press


In particular, they are three books of the Glory series by Dr. Greg Harris, Professor of Bible Exposition from The Master’s Seminary.

They are quite an edifying read, and expositional yet devotional by nature

Here’s Challies’ info:

The second prize package is geared toward general readers and includes three books targeted at the rest of us (and written by Greg Harris). This includes:

  • The Cup and the Glory takes the reader on a profound study through the Scriptures, uncovering biblical truths on how to respond to, and embrace suffering to the glory of God.
  • The Darkness and the Glory examines the cross from Christs perspective and provides a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the profound spiritual and theological realities of Calvaryrealities that transcend the physical, as the wrath of man was surpassed by both the wrath of Satan and ultimately the wrath of God.
  • In The Stone and the Glory, Greg Harris takes his readers on a profound journey through the Scriptures as they explore the glorious realities of the stone prophecies

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Now that the season for Christmas shopping has begun, here’s a good Christian devotional book I recommend: The Cup and the Glory by Dr. Greg Harris.

Dr. Harris is on the faculty with The Master’s Seminary

Here is the website:http://www.thecupandtheglory.com/

Purchase: Amazon

This is my Chapter Summary
Chapter One was titled “the Wilderness”, opens up with Greg Harris’s personal struggles and how there will be a ‘wilderness’ in the Christian experience.

Chapter two was titled “the Cup” which discusses about the suffering itself is an integral part of the Christian life. In addition, the chapter repeats the question again and again: “By the way, what do you pray for…when you pray?” It’s emphasis is that it is the Christian duty to take the ‘Cup’ of suffering.

Chapter Three is titled “The Road”. Drawing from Acts 16 (see page 41) with Paul’s road to Troas, Harris gives us insight as to ‘disappointments’ and sucess in the Christian experience and how ultimately we must seek to follow Christ before any other goals or anything else for that manner. He also discusses how sometimes we do not know what God’s goal is but we must trust in God for His glory to be fulfilled.

Chapter four was titled, “The gift” and attempted to put into perspective that suffering is a gift from God. The second portion of the chapter discussed about the Macedonian church in the Apostolic period and how the Christian perspective would view this afflicted and meager church is blessed while worldly standard would dismiss this church entirely.

Chapter five was titled “The fellowship” and emphasized the importance of fellowshipping with God and others during the moment of our suffering.

Chapter six was titled “The Footprints” and bases itself on the text of 1Peter 2:21. The chapter exhorts the believer to put things into perspective with insight as to why Chrisitan must suffer is because Christ has suffered for us.

Chapter seven was titled “The Suprise” and previewed mainly 1 Peter, while providing the background of who Peter was, especially his interaction with Jesus before CHrist went to the cross. Also, continually in this chapter there is the reference to the greek word peirasmos, as temptation or testing with the intention of one to fail. This chapter discusses how the Christian ought not to be suprise, yet we often are, about suffering.

CHapter eight was titled “The Blessing”. THe Biblical narrative of Jacob’s wrestling moved on to a discussion about wrestling in the spiritual realm and how testing is a real part of a Christian blessing as taught by Peter and James. In essence, the chapter’s message is that the Christian must endure suffering, and that the CHristian is already blessed in the suffering.

CHapter nine was titled “The Agreement”.

Chapter ten was titled “The GLory”. This is a good chapter that focused about the glory that is to come, that though it is mysterious in some sense, yet it is something that supercede the suffering of the present. THe chapter discusses the transfiguration experiences, and the impact on JOhn and Peter.Quote-right

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