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This was just released by evangelist Ray Comfort.  I appreciate Ray Comfort evangelism ministry.

I’ll have to watch it after Church tommorow.  Enjoy!

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I’ve really enjoyed Ray Comfort’s ministry.  Early in my Christian life the Lord has used him to teach me a lot about evangelism.  I am grateful to hear his sermon many years ago titled “Hell’s Best Kept Secret.”

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron has also worked together to produce a video by the same name.  Ray Comfort ministries have made that available recently this month on Youtube!

Here it is:

May God use this to equip more believers in witnessing to people by appealing to people’s conscience and pointing them to their need for a Savior in Jesus Christ!

After watching the video if you want to look up further resources concerning the Way of the Master you may check out the following:

Book Recommendation: God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life by Ray Comfort

Review: What Did Jesus Do?

Video: Are you a Good Person?

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In the middle of our series on “Missions, Culture and Being Biblical” I thought it was good to post this review of a book on sharing the Gospel. Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith Evangelism Made Easy

This is a good book for readers who need an introduction to biblical evangelism.  Those who are familiar with Ray Comfort’s book “The Way of the Master” will not find anything radically new in this book but it is a book I still recommend to refresh one’s evangelism method if you subscribe to “the Way of the Master.”  This work features different chapters going back and forth between the author Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.  The law of God is described and explained as to why it is a powerful tool in evangelism.  Both authors’ joy for sharing the Gospel will leap out of the pages and hopefully will stir the reader to witness.  I appreciate the practical tips and pointers throughout the book.  In particular, the book changed one of the tactics of my evangelism where in the past I use to ask people “Have you ever told a lie?” but now I ask people “In your life time, how many lies do you think you have told?” as a practical way of making someone think more about the severity of their sins with lying; I find the authors’ advice to be helpful because it avoid the hurdle that some people have that a few lies are no big deal.  I also appreciated the personal stories that Cameron and Comfort shared in the book and some of them are stories I haven’t heard of before.  I enjoyed hearing Kirk Cameron’s story of how he came to faith—and also how he discovered the Way of the Master and meeting up with Ray.  I also enjoyed the account of both authors having a meal with Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade and them talking about biblical evangelism towards the end of Bright’s life—and how Bright affirmed the authors concern for a clear Gospel presentation that’s biblical.  It is a good book that I would highly recommend both to veteran evangelists and those new to sharing their faith.  I appreciated also that this book is not just about open air preaching and sharing to strangers—the book also discussed about sharing to family.

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I thought this short book by Ray Comfort was good in exposing God’s people to biblical evangelism.

Towards the end of last year, I reviewed this book here in which I later found out that Ray Comfort was giving one free copy to those who request for it here.  Today, while I was going to order a copy for a brother in our church I found out that Ray Comfort’s ministry has made this into a free PDF for download!

You can get the PDF directly by clicking HERE.

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After much debating that has been going on regarding the use of the Ten Commandments in evangelism, Dr. MacArthur has responded to Evangelist Ray Comfort in regards to Pastor Jesse Johnson’s seminar at the 2012 Shepherds’ Conference.

If you are interested in listening to the seminar Pastor Jesse gave, here is the link:

The Way (s) of the Master

Also, while Pastor Jesse was giving his seminar, Dr. Richard Mayhue also gave a seminar that covered the Ten Commandments.  Here is the link to that:

Still Written in Stone?

After reading many posts regarding this matter and seeing the different views, I am thankful to both Evangelist Ray’s and Pastor Jesse’s conversations regarding evangelism. I have learned much from both men.  I pray that anyone involved in this discussion would be teachable, humble, gracious, and not militant regarding this matter.  It would be a disaster if there was division over this matter.

As a result, it is critical that we admit where we are weak at; and be willing to receive correction when we are wrong.

Our allegiance is not to a script, man, well known ministry, or a prolific well-known Christian, but to the Word of God.

With that said, please read Dr. MacArthur’s response to Evangelist Ray and please feel free to share your thoughts on this matter.

Dr. MacArthur’s Response

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Ten Commandments

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