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Yesterday (June 4th) was the date of the 24th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre by the Chinese Government.

It’s today still one of my strong childhood memory seeing it on TV.

I watched the video on Youtube and it got me thinking about moral courage.

What does it mean to have courage?

Here was courage at another level: An ordinary man (complete with shopping bag) doing the extraordinary thing of standing against evil at a great risk to his own life and does it even when it seems that no one is right there with you and that no other mortal will see and hold you in high esteem for what you done.

It got me thinking about the reality that God sees all our ways and knows our heart’s deepest recess.

If we live in light of a Biblical theology proper, wouldn’t we have the courage of the Tank Man in Tienanmen Square in 1989?

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Twenty years later, the clip of the “Tank Man” is still amazing and riveting

Today is the anniversary of China’s Tienanmen Square massacre

The man and his bag of groceries, seeing a row of tank advancing after days of violence, is fustrated, walks out to go on stopping a column of tanks advancing at the risk of his own life, probably not knowing he was filmed, not caring about what is going to happen in his life

A concidence or providence that four reporters captured this historic moment?

Who was that man?  Whatever happen to him? What was going through his mind?

The question doesn’t get asked often, but whatever happen to the Tank commander and driver?  This is communist China we are talking about…are they still alive?

Remember that even this day, those of Tianamen are still punished and in prison for that episode

What was your impression when you saw this clip for the first time?

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