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Our blog has critiqued various bad articles from Huffington Post Religion Section.  Today I saw an article titled “Facebook Hits Back At Conservative Christians Who Want To Add A Cross Button.”  I clicked on it and read it.


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I made this meme because it captures an observation I made from this month of June 2017.  

Let me explain.


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starbucks red cup

I’m not so much concern with some silly Christians complaining about some red cup as I am with the inconsistency of the people who belittle those Christians and then turn around and think its okay to sue a business if they somehow don’t cater for certain celebrations.

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Over the years I have noted in the blog of the incredible intolerance coming from the Tolerance crowd: From last year’s frightening Hatred of Pro-Homosexual advocates against Chick Fil A to last month’s Christian preachers being attacked by hate mongers during PrideFest 2013: there are more and more examples of this on the news with each passing day.  If one doubt that Secular Humanism is a religion, look at the Left’s Political Correctness becoming the new blasphemy codes.

Two news story stood out this week:

(1) Gospel singer and Ex-Gay Donnie McClurkin have been axed out from MLK memorial concert by the Mayor of Washington D.C. after pressure from Gay Rights Activist.  Or should we say political correctness “Hack-Away”-ist.

(2) Then there’s the story of Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage.  My, how the situation has changed in our military:  At one time being openly homosexuality was forbidden then we get Clinton’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy” and now being against homosexuality in one’s personal view can bring about consequences for a service member’s career.

What now?

As Christians we need to keep on standing for what is right and speak out against what is false and sin.  Yet we must not forget to lead the discussion to the Gospel and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior of our sins.  We must also keep on pressing the antithesis by challenging the idolatrous worldviews driving the attack against Christianity while also noting the inconsistencies and rational dilemma of those who attack the Christian worldview.  The best way to get to the worldview behind the attack against Christianity is to ask for the basis for their morality–given that they believe we *OUGHT to be tolerant and loving, where does this oughtness and moral obligation comes from?

We are living in a time where we need believers to have more Gospel clarity and a wholistic, Biblical and Presuppositional apologetics in engaging the World.  Never forget to share the Gospel Hope of how sinners can be made right with God by God’s Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone in Christ Alone.

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