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Turkey coup

It seems right now there’s a lot of confusion concerning Turkey.

My concern isn’t necessarily with both the current president or the segment of the military in revolt.  My concern is whether there will be instability that as a result allows for the florish of radical Islam.  Don’t forget that the Islamic State touches the border with Turkey.  There’s a dangerous parallel with Syria.  Like Syria, Turkey has become the country in which foreign fighters make their way to Iraq for the jihadist adventure.  Like Syria, Turkey had some foreign radical Muslims not go all the way to Iraq but instead have stayed behind and cause problems.

The thing I’m fearful for is to see Turkey get more unstable and as a result bring instability not only to the region of the Middle East and the Islamic world, but threaten to spill over unto Europe with even more refugees and also a gateway for even more radicals.

Pray for Turkey.  Pray for the Gospel to advance in the midst of this.

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Obama Armenian Genocide

Obama promised during his Presidential campaign to publicly acknowledge the Armenian Genocide; seven years later its nope to the hope for change.  I’m surprised the Kardshians has some substance in them to publicly call the World’s attention to this atrocity.  Somebody at the White House needs to turn on the TV see the news and keep up with the Kardshian.

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Armenian Genocide 2015

Today mark the 100th year of the Armenian Genocide. It was the first Genocide of the 20th Century and certainly not the last. Turkey still have not acknowledge their national sin.  In fact the headlines read “German President Enrages Turkey by Referring to 1915 Armenian ‘Genocide’” over at Times Magazine website.  I wished the American President would have the moral courage as German President Joachim Gauck.  For all the activism Google has for all kinds of Leftist causes, they can’t even have a Doodle to commemorate this sobering occasion.

I can’t help but to think how sad it is that a hundred years later the region seems to be repeating itself with the rise of Neo-Ottomanism in Turkey, an ongoing genocide against religious/ethnic minorities and persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria by Islamic forces.

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BBC News: After denied asylum in Albania, Hakan Ekinci, attemping to flee from serving in the Turkish army, slipped into the cockpit of the returning plane and gave a note to the pilot asking the to be taken to Rome to speak with the pope.

What caught my eye about this particular article was the runaway’s reason:

He reportedly said he was a convert to Christianity who could no longer be forced to serve in a Muslim army.

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