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I thought I put several of my past Veritas Domain entries on Presuppositional Apologetics as applied to the Cults on other Reglions on one entry, so it would be more easy to search for it.

THis would be a work in progress.  Do you know more links that can be added here?

Let me know! I will be adding to this as time goes by and I find more articles from a Presuppositional Apologetics Perspective dealing with other religion and cults


1.)“Approaching Cults and World Religions from A Presuppositional Apologetic Perspective”, by Jeff Downs at http://www.emnr.org/papers/downs04.htm

Summary:For some that might sound weird, as Bahnsen and Van Til often talks about the Atheist.  But the link above is by Jeff Down, a good introduction on Presuppositional Apologetics and application with Cults and other religion

2.) “A Brief Pressuppositional Analysis of Buddhism“, by Paul Manata 

Summary: This is a Brief application of Presuppositional Apologetics on Buddhism, written by Paul Manata.

3.) “Zen: A Trinitarian Critique” by Rev. Ralph Allen Smith accessible at http://www.berith.org/essays/zen/

Summary: Another example of Presuppostional Apologetics that critiques Zen Buddhism utilizing the Trinity

4.) “Problems in Uranita Paper 92” by Jimmy Li at http://www.teamtruth.com/articles/art_urantiapaper92.htm

Summary: Presuppositional APologetics on the Cult of the Urantia Paper

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As mentioned before, there is still alot that needs to be developed in regards to Presuppositional Apologetics in regards to challenging Cults and other religion

Three days ago, we had an entry by Jeff Downs as an Introduction to this topic

Then, we had an article by Paul Manata of a Presuppostional Apologetics perspective in a critique on Buddhism

That was followed by Ralph Smith’s Article utilizing the Presuppositional’s Argument from the Trinity on Zen Buddhism’s problem of Monism

Tonight’s example of Presuppositional APologetics on another religion is an article on the Cult of the Urantia Paper:


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One of the oppourtunity for Christians involved with Counter-Cult Apologetics through the Internet is the fact that by putting the information out there in the World Wide Web, this allow those in the Cults or Christians needing resources to have WORLD WIDE ACCESS to a specific and sometimes very narrow issue or little known, small and non-mainstream cult

Such an example would be of that of the Urantia Book and the religious groups that revolves around it

The link below is a link to a website that tackles on the Urantia Paper from a Christian perspective


If you click on either “Religion” or “Science”, it will give you some polemics against this ‘scripture’

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