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I got to admit I’m not much of a music guy.  Sadly I don’t know the words to most of my favorite hymns.  A few weeks ago I preached at another church and they sand this song and it really ministered to me right before I got up to the pulpit.

I enjoyed the video I linked because its congregational singing though of course its not just a church but a conference for the video.

Here’s the lyrics and may it minister to other preachers, teachers and believers!


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Spiritually uplifting book. Challenges the readers to profit from the Word of God. The running theme is that the reading of the Word of God ought to change our lives, and that reading the Bible should not just be an academic exercise to add more intellectual contents to our minds. I would say this is probably my favorite work by Pink. Some of the points he made include the observation that a profitable reading of the Word of God ought to make us hate sin more, love Him more and desire to be obedient.

You can read the PDF of this book by clicking HERE.

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