Finally after months since our last Christian homeschool lessons we are back to sharing teaching outlines every week on Wednesday again!

This is a four part Christian Home School Lesson Series for first graders on plants that aims to fulfill the Science Content Standards from the California Department of Education.

Lesson 1: What is a Plant?

Purpose: To explore and know more about God’s creation of plants.


Book(s) read:

David Burnie’s Plant.

Other tools:




A picture of a plant (including leaves, flower and root)


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn general knowledge about what is a plant.
  2. Learn the vocabulary concerning plants.
  3. Illustrate what is learned in this lesson about plants.
  4. Learn a spiritual lesson concerning God’s creation of plants.

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Point: Predictive prophecies are important in God’s attestation from His Word that Jesus is the Messiah. How could we further illustrate the importance of Messianic prophecies?

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Marshall Segal. Not Yet Married.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, June 30th 2017.  208 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Do I recommend this book?  I do (pun intended).  This is hands down the best book on singleness and relationship that I read this year.  In fact it is up there among the Christian books on singleness, courtship and marriage.  The book is titled Not Yet Married since the author believe the term “Not Yet Married” is a better term than the word “single” since most people who are single desire marriage.  The author Marshall Segal is the managing editor for Desiring God ministries’ website.  He is a good writer, clear communicator and more importantly biblical in what he has to say.  I highly recommend this book for those who are single and those who are courting someone towards marriage as well.

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It’s Sunday.  Church is today!  But I write this post to encourage any Christians who are on the verge of burning out.  May be you silently are crying for help.  May you say “I feel I gave to the church than it has blessed me” and you feel like quitting.

Here’s a passage to keep in mind:

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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered from December 1st-7th, 2018.  While it is not in this week’s round up I do want to share Christmas Recommended Books on Presuppositional Apologetics for 2018 since we are in the month of December.

1.) Refute Being in a Matrix or Brain in a Vat

2.) In Defense of Christianity Lectures: Foundational Principles for Engaging an Unbelieving World

3.) The absurdity of life in a Christian universe

4.) When Progressive Ideologies Collide

5.) Apologetics Done Right: Jeff Durbin

6.) Check out my Book – Science Requires God

7.) 11 Great Books on Apologetics


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Establish the need: How is your communication with your spouse? Specifically how are you with listening to your spouse?

Purpose: Today we shall look at five points to help us communicate better by being better listeners.

  1. The importance of listening
  2. Symptoms of listening problem
  3. Reasons we are quick to talk
  4. Reasons we are slow to listen
  5. How to Listen Well

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This is from my daily Greek exercise of sight reading many months ago, courtesy of Vincent S Artale Jr.

Our text is from the Greek translation of 1 Thessalonians 5:5.  Here is my translation:

“SUPPORT 5 ‹✓ [TP πάντες γὰρ ὑμεῖς TP] υἱοὶ φωτός ἐστε καὶ υἱοὶ ἡμέρας ✓›
For all of you are sons of light and sons of day

SENTENCE ‹✕ οὐκ ἐσμὲν νυκτὸς
You are not night

ELABORATION οὐδὲ σκότους ✕›”
nor darkness

Here are some observations:

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