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Dead Links On Your Blog?

If you provide a lot of resources such as mp3s like our blog, then finding dead links might be a pain.

Fortunately, I found websites that will help assist with finding broken URLs!

LinkScan/QuickCheck – Displays not only the bad link but includes the HTML so that you can locate the bad link on your webpage quickly! It’s offered online, so you don’t have to download a program to your computer. This website only will scan one webpage at a time (though for my purposes I preferred this instead of going through the entire website). The site will mark broken links with a red sad face. For a link that isn’t broken but doesn’t have the file in the URL it says ‘warning’ or ‘missing’ and marks it with a yellow exclamation mark. It marks possible errors (a timeout in my case), with an orange smiley face.

My experience thus far, does show that the results aren’t 100% accurate, as one or two broken links worked when I manually tested them.

If you’re looking something that’ll search all your links (which may take a long time) try:

Dead-links.com – Which will “crawl” through all the links on your page. However, unlike the top one, this tool only shows the bad link. Therefore finding the broken link in the actual post will be more time-consuming. The only solution I can think of right now is to go to the webpage you’re checking and download the html page (right click and click view page source), then search or find the reported bad link by copying and pasting the URL into the search field of your text editor.


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