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I’m excited to share this!  Lauren of Afterthought podcast have posted her latest episode over at her blog:

She invited me to be on her to show to talk about the topic of responding to alleged Bible contradictions!  The approach we took for the show is to make this as practical as possible for discussion with real people and not just theoretical.  We discussed how its important to understand the definition of an alleged Bible contradiction, then looked at some examples of alleged Bible contradictions and frequent types of mistakes people make when they claimed an alleged Bible contradictions.  We also went over various analogies and illustrations of real life examples where the skeptics’ reasoning is problematic for every day life if they are to use their reasoning against the Bible.

You can check out the podcast and listen to it on Podbean here.  If you want the show in other format check out this link such as Google Play, ITunes, etc. Or here’s the Youtube video of the discussion below:

Drop us a comment here of what you think of the discussion!

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