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Here are weekend reviews of comic book readings, because sometimes Pastors needs a break from heavy theological reading!

The following are comics that are historical fictions, nonfictions or comics that takes place of a certain specific historical era.

Ethan Young. Nanjing: The Burning City.  Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, September 1st 2015. 216 pp.

5 out of 5

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This graphic novel is a historical fiction and tells the story of those Chinese abandoned by their government during the Japanese war against China in 1937.  The story takes place in the former capital of the Republic in Nanjing.  While this is an historical fiction the theme and characters could have easily been real life ordinary soldiers and people trying to survive.  The author and illustrator Ethan Young is to be commended for his illustration, his storytelling ability and also his focus on an era that is very hard to think about and which some today downplay or are ignorant of concerning the Japanese atrocities during World War Two.  This graphic novel was so good that it won the 2016 Reuben Award for Best Graphic Novel.



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