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I’m really thankful to P&R Publishing for an advance electronic review copy of Andy Naselli’s new book “How to Understand and Apply the New Testament” which ships out tomorrow on March 31st.

I just started reading this book and I’m 15% into it.  While I still have a long way to go before I can write a thorough review I want to mention real quick that this book has exceeded my expectations thus far.  It looks like it is going to be a great work to learn how to best interpret the New Testament.


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John Piper had this on his facebook (and I presume this was on his twitter as well):

John Piper Facebook

It was posted in response to Andy Naselli’s post on his blog about Viguier’s Thesis for his Master of Divinity and the definition of God’s Glory.

The glory of God for me is not something easy to define but something I finally felt I had a better handle on as the result of seeing it unfold in Redemptive History as the flow and outworking of the Old and New Testament.

I have asked Andy Naselli where he found the thesis and he said on TREN which is where I typically go to survey what thesis are on there of works of others.  I saw his comment section others have asked the same thing.

Apparently the author of the thesis, Philippe Paul-Luc Viguier, has made the PDF of his thesis available online!

You can download it by clicking HERE.

Thank you Philippe Paul-Luc Viguier for writing this thesis and also for making it available online!

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