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A lighthearted post.

I often get asked about which book I recommend as an introduction to Presuppositional apologetics.  I thought I make a meme of that.

I’m always ready to recommend Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen.

Greg Bahnsen was a disciple of Cornelius Van Til, the father of Presuppositional apologetics.  He’s done a lot to make Presuppositional apologetics understandable and to apply it.

You can check out my review of his book by clicking here.

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between December 15th-21st, 2017.

1.) God and Logic: Proof

2.) Audio Message: Resolving “Christmas” Bible Contradictions

3.) Greg Bahnsen Explains Evolution

4.) Presuppositionalism, Authority, and Sola Scriptura

5.) Honor and suffering

6.) Global Atheism Versus Local Atheisms


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