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I’m translating through Ruth 4.

I found there’s a Daily Dose of Hebrew that goes through Ruth 4!  Thought I share this and also have it bookmarked for myself as I’ll be finishing up Ruth 4 sometime this month, Lord willing.

Aren’t you amazed at such amazing resources we now have online with studying the Bible? What resources do you use?

Here’s the videos:


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Here is what one of the speakers, Mike Gendron, from the conference has to say about TMAI International Symposium,

You Can Now Listen to the Symposium on Biblical Inerrancy.  Over 700 pastors and church leaders, representing 73 nations, attended the 2015 International Symposium which took place in conjunction with The Shepherd’s Conference in March. There was such a buzz in the air as the speakers addressed biblical inerrancy in global missions. It was especially encouraging to see the speakers’ passion and The Master’s Academy International ministry partners’ commitment to this central doctrine. The audio presentations of John MacArthur, Paul Washer, James White, Mike Gendron, Mark Tatlock and the other 4 speakers can be heard here: Audios from TMAI International Symposium

I was privileged to attend this conference that took place one day before the Inerrancy Summit which was hosted by The Shepherds’ Conference.  To see different speakers and conference attendees from different parts of the globe was encouraging.  To speak to pastors and missionaries collaborating, magnified the importance of evangelism not just domestically, but globally.  There were also other ministries who came that serve churches here in the US and also around the world.  For example, ministries that specialized in book distribution to China, Mercy Ministries such as Children’s Hunger Fund, and other ministries such as evangelism to Muslims in the U.S. were here.  They both understood the Great Commission and serving the Lord together for His glory.  I encourage you to check out the audios and listen to them for your own edification.  Topics on contextualization, linguistics, Bible translation, etc., were discussed.  Also here are some notes from one of the speakers that I posted on our site a few weeks ago: God’s Written Revelation is necessarily an Inerrant Revelation


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