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Note: This is a guest post since presently I am overseas.  This is by Tom.  Tom is a dear brother and friend on Worpress and I appreciate his faithfulness and ability to write so many posts on here.  His blog be found here.

As a Christian blogger, I can testify to the blessings of participating in the Christian blogging community. We get to read inspiring and informative messages from our brothers and sisters in the Lord and we get to pass along some Scriptural truths we have learned and how they have impacted our lives. Over the years, many bloggers have blessed me personally and there’s some that have become my friends. We share our joys and challenges and regularly lift up each other in prayer. Most of us Christian bloggers consider our blogs as a ministry to reach out to the lost with the Gospel and encourage the brethren.
However, being a Christian blogger can have a few pitfalls as well. Below are some that come to mind:


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Since Thursday I have been more busy than usual with ministry (visitations, denominational meeting and teachings).  That slowed down my internet presence the last few days.

But I want to write a post thanking the Lord for all he’s doing through the blog and also to thank all of you guys for reading, commenting, reblogging and sharing things from this blog with others.


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