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Babies Are Murdered Here

Today was quite different from all the other days at Planned Parenthood.  It was a day that was absent of police presence.  Yes, that is right–no police.  Looks like PP finally got the note, that my first amendment rights are protected and that I cannot be bullied by them.  When I arrived within the first few minutes, an employee of PP took a picture of me outside the door.  I told her, I am also recording you.   Besides the absence of police presence, whom I love by the way–today the Lord worked mightily.  It helps tremendously when you have two brothers co-laboring with you: Uncle Nestor and Pastor Luke.  It is encouraging when you have solid believers come with you and are zealous for the lost.

The Lord worked here today.  If there is anytime to speak up and reach out to the downtrodden, vulnerable, and defenseless–it is now. Magnify the love of Christ by not only praying, speaking, but acting. This is no condemnatory address, but a wake-up call to the Bride of Christ to be watchful concerning spiritual slumber. Why? Because evil is taking place in various ways.   Evil is taking place at the Supreme Court and we have seen its massive effects upon our nation.  But the greatest evil takes place in human hearts.  The heart is what drives people to reject Christ and to murder their babies.

We must not sit quietly, but we must ride out and do battle. Our weapons are not of this world, but our weapons are prayer and the use of His immortal Word. The Lord has eyes of scanning power observing every step we take in this pilgrimage before we meet Christ face-to-face. Let’s not be remembered by the future generation as a apathetic generation that spoke only from our ivory towers, pulpits, conferences, and gatherings, while many victims are being devoured by dark powers, but let us be a generation that will descend down onto the battlefield to engage evil face-to-face. We must fight relentlessly until the Lord calls us home or when He returns. The Lord will ride out in battle with you, dear Saint. Fear not darkness. Fear the Creator and may you shine the light of the Gospel on a dark and demented world. Serve Him loyally in whatever sphere He has placed you. Do not compromise. By His grace, may we have the mentality that I would rather die than to compromise. Redeem the time because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).  Praise the Lord for using us.  It appears that the posts concerning our trips to the mill is moving the hearts of believers to be involved at this mills.  I was able to communicate with a young man who attend a Gospel-centered church from Northern CA.  He desires to minister at a murder mill.  I plan on speaking with him next week to help prepare him for this new journey.  Please pray that God opens up doors for him to minister at these murder mills.  Here are some ways you can be involved in the pro-life movement/abolition movement to abolish abortion.  It is a fair and balanced article: http://highlandsministriesonline.org/blogs/highlands-blog/is-pro-life-ministry-a-christian-duty/.

Beloved, today was an immensely encouraging day. As we waited for patients to walk outside the doors of Planned Parenthood, there was a young woman whom we pleaded to speak to us for a few minutes.  As she began speaking with us, she broke down in tears because of the scars of abortion.  I won’t go into the details, but all I know was that she was broken and we knew that she needed spiritual help and guidance from the Word of God.  Praise God, she took our Gospel literature.  We prayed for her and took down her contact information so that one of our sisters could reach out to her.  And praise God, we got word, that next Tuesday, Melanie will meet-up with one of our sisters from church.  Please pray that she will receive the Gospel and be convicted about concerning salvation.  May she turn from sin and to turn to Christ in faith and repentance.

Another conversation I had was with Erica.  As she walked out the door, she actually turned around because I pleaded with her speak with me.  Her mind was pricked which is why she decided to come speak with me and had questions for me.  I answered her questions and asked her questions myself in order to reveal the futility of her worldview.  By the grace of God, we were able to share the Gospel with her too.  Near the close of the conversation, I asked her if I could give her a Gospel tract and she said no.  I pleaded again, and she took it.  Praise God for the power of pleadings.  God has ordained them for His glory.  Don’t be too proud to beg.

One of our other highlights of the day was our conversation with an armed security guard.  I have never seen an armed security guard at Planned Parenthood.  I wonder if the videos that were released by The Center for Medical Progress had anything to do with it.  I have a feeling that the tension is high for PP due to the scandal concerning the harvesting and selling of baby organs.  I pray that they would ultimately fear God.  At any rate, the guard was willing to interact with us.  I shared with him a short clip from Matt Chandler sermon on abortion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=absW29h8KGA) and also challenged him on his worldview concerning abortion.  The conversation ended with civilly. Please pray for him to be saved.  We will probably see him again in the future.

If you are ever out there at an abortion mill, please make it an effort to hand people Gospel-centered tracts as well as information to pregnancy crisis centers that are pro-life.  Many of the ladies are ignorant of other pro-life centers that provide services for free except for abortion.  I also recommend using signs when you are at a murder mill because it will prick the conscience of those who walk into those mills.  You have only a few seconds; make it count.


In the WombIn the womb part 2

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Apparently the San Francisco Board of Supervisors supported the idea of naming a Navy vessel by consulting with a spirit using the ouija board!

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Where is rationality? Where is science? Where is the ACLU?

The Word of the Lord is still true.

For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.  For it is written, “I WILL DESTROY THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, AND THE CLEVERNESS OF THE CLEVER I WILL SET ASIDE.”  Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?  For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe (1 Cor 1:18-21)


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I’ve been struggling over this issue after reading both analyses against and for the position by Robyn Nordell and the California Family Councel respectively.

The consequence of voting yes, may save lives by involving outside parties, including judges, other family members, and/or parents.

Although I believe Robyn Nordell identifies the cost of passing proposition 4 correctly:

Summary of Concerns Addressed in this Updated Analysis:

  • This initiative gives pro-abortionists constitutionally-guaranteed tools that they could use to circumvent a parent’s right to make decisions in the best interest of their children.
  • This initiative would place the vague and undefined legal terms “severe emotional abuse” and “emotional abuse” into the Constitution for the first time.
  • Innocent parents could be more susceptible to false allegations of abuse or neglect.
  • Prop. 4 sets a new standard and principle in the Constitution concerning 1) who is considered “family,” 2) who can be designated to take the place of a parent, and 3) under what conditions. Just because courts have already ruled in this direction, and California and some other states have parts of Prop. 4’s language in their state law does not make it right or wise to place this wording in our Constitution.
  • This constitutional amendment places dangerous wording in the California Constitution, which could be used as the basis to argue that parental rights can be diminished in other areas of the lives of minor children. This dangerous wording could be persuasive in further undermining parental authority and the nuclear family (father, mother, child) as an autonomous social institution.”

I think the California Family Council puts the priorities correctly, lives over parental rights:

“….if lives can be saved, we must support the passage of Proposition 4.”

The logic relies on the premise being true. Can lives be saved?

My concern is I wonder if the stipulations of a court waiver are so easy that parents won’t be notified even if the law passes. If the law is so ineffective that parents are not notified at all, then we’re really not saving lives but rather sacrificing parental rights in the constitution for free!

Thus, my struggle is how ineffective is this law?

Here’s a cause and effect chart from a doctor’s perspective I made to aid in analyzing the overall effectiveness of proposition 4:

Cause and effect chart of Proposition 4

Cause and effect chart of Proposition 4

My concerns about the court waivers are threefold:

  1. Judge only needs to deem an unemancipated minor as both mature and well-informed to issue a waiver.
  2. Judge only needs to deem notifying parents not in the best interest of the minor
  3. If the court fails to give a ruling by 5 pm the next court day (after filing for waiver), the court waiver is automatically granted.

All three of the waivers have nothing to do with physical, emotional, or sexual abuse! If the physician or staff at planned parenthood always advise the minor to take this route, my fear is that they will always get the waiver. We already know, Planned Parenthood tells minors to lie about their age anyways. Remember the undercover video at Planned Parenthood:

Why not advise minors to take the most easiest legalized and legitamate route, that WE legalized!

The only benefit to this proposition is it would allow civil suits by affected parents or minors for anyone aiding the minor to circumvent the proposition (e.g. Forging a parental waiver). But this benefit might be nill considering if getting waivers legally are easier than doing it illegally.

If this law proves ineffective and takes away parental rights, we would have to fight for another constitutional amendment to change it. Honestly, I wonder if the pro-choice people are really trying to pull a fast one on us. I feel the summary provided by the state was vastly inadequate, not even including this huge potential loophole.

For the full proposition PDF click here.

At the same time though, I wonder if the proposition might discourage even one minor from getting an abortion. If one minor ignores the advice of Planned Parenthood to seek a court waiver, then perhaps the minor will be convinced by their parents to not have an abortion. Or perhaps, a minor may assume, incorrectly, that their parents must be notified and abstain from abortion.

Although I suspect that the judges will always hand out a waiver, maybe the whole court process might cause one minor to save one child. Because I can’t say that one child won’t be saved, at this time I must say yes to proposition 4.

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American Family Association

American Family Association2008 Voter Guides by State – Gives links to voter guides including:

Election Forum

2008 Election Forum – A Christian named Craig Huey, past guest speaker on the Frank Pastore show, rates California judges by their support of Constructionist view of law (i.e Believe law should be interpreted by what the writers intended), and his position on propositions.

Christian Coalition of America (updated 10/22)

Christian Coalition of America – Voter guide showing positions of Obama and McCain on national issues, mainly abortion and homosexuality.
State versions will be added at a later date.

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