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The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

Carl R. Trueman. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, November 24th 2020.  432 pp.

5 out of 5

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Does it seem that too many things that is trending in our post-2020 world seems rather crazy?  This book is an important work that explore how some of the pathologies we are currently seeing in society and culture today is the result of the modern view of the self.  Christian historian Carl Trueman authored this important and phenomenal work that have the attention of others as well in regards to its significance, with this book having received The Gospel Coalition Book Award for 2020 and as of today in April 27th, 2021 it remains the number one Best Seller in Religion & Philosophy on Amazon, which is incredible given that this is six months after the book was published.  I felt this book is similar to Francis Schaeffer’s How Then Shall We Live? with how the book present readers a penetrating analysis of cultural development of how we got to where we are now from the past although it is with much more academic rigor and footnotes to make the case for the book’s thesis than Schaeffer’s classic.  I felt this book is probably Trueman’s best work thus far.


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Today is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany which is the beginning of the trajectory that led to the Reformation.

One of the important thing that came out of the Reformation is the recovery of the Gospel.  From the Reformation we also get the five Solas.  During the Fall 2015 Theology Conference at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary the five Solas was the topic that was discussed from some of evangelicalism’s finest scholars as they unpack for us the meaning and significance of each of these themes.  From these lectures they have also partnered with the publishers Zondervan to released “The 5 Solas Series.”  You might want to check out my review of one of the volume, Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification by Thomas Schreiner.

Here are the videos:


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In the past I have appreciated Dr. Carl Trueman’s teaching on Medieval theology and also the Reformation available through Itunes University.  He’s also written a more practical book on the Reformation for today for the general Christian readers titled Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Carl Trueman.

Every year The Master Seminary brings in a scholar to teach for the Winterim and for this year (2017) they have Dr. Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary taught on the history of the Reformation.

The entire 19 lectures in video form have been made available online for free!



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Carl Trueman. Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  Ross-Shire, UK: Christian Focus Publications, May 20th, 2011. 127 pp.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The author Carl Trueman is the professor of historical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary although he authored this work originally back in 1999 before he was a professor at Westminister.  At that time Trueman was the Senior Lecturer in Church History at University of Aberdeen in which he confesses was written in haste so that it can be delivered at a conference in Wales for the Evangelical Theological College.  Trueman.  In the book’s forward Trueman tells us that he is delighted to find that he agrees with the book even though he originally wrote the book before his 40s and now he is older and mature.  This book is not a history book per se about the reformation as it is about the heritage of the Reformation having its impact and importance for today and the future.


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Carl Trueman’s debate was recorded and is now up on Vimeo.  It’s subtitled, “”A Lively Conversation About the Things that Matter Most.”

Thank you Westminster Theological Seminary for having this up!



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