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Augustine. The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Escondido, CA: Hovel Audio Inc, February 28, 2006. 12 hours, 48 minutes.

4 out of 5

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This is a classic by the early Church Father name Augustine.  It is an autobiography and the testimony of the long journey of how this famous Bishop came to trust in the Lord.  I struggled to make time to read this book but was delighted to find an unabridged audiobook of this work.  It was a blessing to listen to the audiobook.



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These Banner Board Books for children are awesome!  I plan to review the other two

Rebecca VanDoodewaard.  The Woman Who Loved To Give Books: Susannah Spurgeon. Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, November 10th 2017. 16 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is the first Banner Board Books for kids that I purchased to read to my young daughters who at that time were five years old and under.  I bought it to introduce godly historical figures from church history that would serve as an example to them.  This particular title was on Susannah Spurgeon the wife of the famous English Preacher Charles Spurgeon.


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If you love Church history and/or if you are familiar with Crossway’s Series of books on Theologians on the Christian Life you might be delighted to know that there was a conference in 2017 that covered some of the Theologians in the series.

Personally I have only read only one of the volume in this series which I have reviewed: Review: Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Spirituality by William Edgar.  I do plan to read more from this series.

Here are the videos:


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