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Crescent Lake China


Read: Colossians 3:12-17


Q: What are the qualities that the Lord is convicting you to work on in verses 12-13?


Q: What is the relationship between the characteristics in verses 12-13 and love that is mentioned in verses 14?


Q: Does Christ and His Word have its work in you to love those around you more (cf. John 17:17)?


Reminder: Christ’s Word is the source and fuel for us to be able to love and forgive others.


Real Talk with God:

– Adoration of God’s Promises that His Word dwells in us and changes us.

– Confession of anything we are not doing in verses 12-13.

– Thanksgiving for His forgiveness of our sins.

– Supplication that God’s Word would richly dwell within us to have the right motive in how we behave in our relationship.

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