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As I’m going over this with a group of guys from my church I thought the following questions might be helpful for individuals and small groups to facilitate discussions and learning based upon the apologetics’ book “Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Jason Lisle.  It is a book that teaches Presuppositional apologetics that engages apologetics at the level of worldview.  Cornelius Van Til was instrumental in beginning this form of apologetics and others have developed and applied it.

For discussion questions for previous chapters click on the following:

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The questions in this post will be for chapter 4 of the book.  Each question is followed by page numbers in parenthesis where the answer can be found.



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Short book that summarizes five reasons why the Christian ought to believe in recent creationism as opposed to theistic evolution. I read this book as a reminder of the summary of what reasons for Young Earth Creationism and to that end I think this booklet does it’s job though those who want to explore for details ought to pursue other works for their studies. One interesting note is that the author is a kin of the famous Henry Morris who was involved with the launch of the modern Creationism movement. There is also an appendix that explains the Gospel, which I think is a win. Again this book is to be understood as a summary rather than a fully fleshed out presentation for Young Earth Creationism. I think sometimes it’s good to have a summary booklet like this.

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