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The focus of this post is not for the purpose of debating the salvation of Billy Graham or the success he garnered, but a post to bring another perspective concerning the dangerous pitfalls of ecumenism (*[for this context] “an ideology that desires unity among all Christian (and those who claim to be “Christian”) churches or denominations with opposing views) that flew under Biblical scrutiny. The meandering/liberal seductions have caused evangelicals to undermine the authority of Christian belief and practice. The problem is that Graham was charitable to Roman Catholicism (*RCC believes justification by works, sacraments, the idolatry of Mary, mass, purgatory) and liberal (*did not believe all Scripture to be the authoritative Word of God, denied penal, substitutionary atonement) Protestant churches. Let me be clear, it is different when you invite unbelievers to attend the crusade with the intention of being saved. But it is a different story when you accept others as believers when they hold onto heterodox beliefs (i.e. justification by works, inclusivism, wider-mercy). And to collaborate with religious leaders that oppose the essentials of Christianity is not only hazardous but sinful because the Bible warns about being unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14).


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