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Sometimes people think of Expository Preaching as preaching from the Word of God that is “boring” because it is so heavily based upon the Word of God.  I disagree.  I think there is a difference between exegetical data dumping and expository preaching.

What is something helpful and practical that can help those teaching the Word of God not end up just go on like a run-on vocal Bible commentary?


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This is from brother Wally’s blog a few weeks ago:

It is very true.  We cannot have a pick and choose approach towards the Bible.

We can easily fall into this error even when we confess publicly and know that this ought not to be.  This is why I think every local churches’ regular staple of Sunday preaching ought to be expository preaching which is contextual preaching that gives attention to the flow of the context.  The nature of expository preaching with its way of verse by verse teaching forces one to see what God’s counsel has to say helps us to minimize the danger of picking and choosing specific aspects of the Bible while ignoring the rest.

For those who are interested here’s Veritas Domain’s Hermeneutics Series: Course Level One, Two and Three.


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