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A Sunday post on Church membership.

For the purpose of this post I use the term faithfulness and commitment interchangeably.

Are you a committed church member?


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This is a satire by a channel on Youtube called John B. Crist.

I thought it perfectly satirized those who are into being cool than into following Jesus and being faithful to Him.

Sadly I think there’s too many than there should be of Christians and so-called Christians who are like that; especially in youth ministry, college ministries, etc.

I thought it was interesting that they even mentioned Furtick.  I can’t stand his preaching.

Before anyone comment on here to say I don’t understand this generation, that I’m old and out of touch with the “future” which consists of Millennials, please, I’m a Millennial myself.

Let’s be faithful to Christ, the Gospel and God’s Word as our focus instead of fashion and trends.  Let’s make disciples for all chapters of life and not just the early half.

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