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Earlier this month was the third year of Veritas Conference, a weekend gathering of biblical like-minded churches in Southern California.  I have blogged about this conference in the past.  In 2016 the topic was on the Gospel followed by 2017 on Sanctification.  For 2018 the topic was on the Glory of God.

Here are the videos from the main session:


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The Stone and the Glory Greg Harris

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A work that’s part-Messianic prophecy, part-devotional, and thoroughly solid in it’s Biblical exposition. Dr. Harris is a professor of Bible exposition at The Master’s Seminary and his book does not disappoint. You will be spiritually fed, worship Jesus more, and be better equipped in your ability to witness to Jews with Messianic Prophecies. This work explores the little known Stone or “Eben” prophecies in the Old Testament of the coming Messiah. I wished I read this work prior to my thesis. Dr. Harris makes great observations and noted verses that I was not aware of previously or thought through as carefully as he did. This work is a good example of applying good Biblical theology and how the Word of God marches forth and builds upon previous revelation and advances it more deeply. The chapter on the significance of the timing during the moment of Jesus on the Cross when the sun went dark is not to be missed–along with the chapter on Jesus’ temptation. Dr Harris’ treatment of Jesus temptation for forty days is one of the best I’ve read and a good example of how to skillfully bring the Old Testament to inform a New Testament passage. I highly recommend this work.

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