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I know some of you on WordPress has been moved by the post “Sharing (Re-blogging, Social Media) Is Caring” to reblog other posts.

This post is similar to that spirit; but different in application.

I wrote a guest post for the blog God’s Grace, God’s Glory!  Fran Rogers blogs there and her blog is worth the follow for biblical contents.  In addition she has also written books with biblical truths.  I have reviewed one of her books here.

For the guest post I wrote on her blog click HERE.



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Note: This is a guest post by Dan Cartwright.  He’s been a brother who has been iron sharpening iron with us on here and social media for years.  His blog can be found here.  He also tweets.

What follows below is part two of a two part series!  The first post was on Monday.

Starting a Conversation 

In a previous post titled “What is Evangelism?”, the following definition of what it means ‘to evangelize’ was presented: 

To evangelize is to present Christ Jesus to sinful people in order that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they may come to put their trust in God through Him.” 

The article proposed that this definition defined four important aspects of personal evangelism: 

  1. It defines the mission of the evangelist– “to present Christ”. 
  2. It defines theprimary audience for the gospel message – “sinful people”. 
  3. It defines the problem the gospel message addresses – “our sin”.
  4. It defines the power behind both the gospel message and the response to that message – the Holy Spirit, thus establishing the sovereignty of God in the salvation of men.

Armed with the above definition, and with a burden for a lost loved one, friend, or even a perfect stranger, you are ready to go. How does it start?  


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I’m posting this review after my discussion with Lee Duigon in his post ‘Behold the Power’ (2016) in which we were talking about John MacArthur’s insight into the Parables in the Gospels.  As a result of that discussion I was looking for my review of MacArthur’s book A Tale of Two Sons and realized that though I read the book in 2011 I didn’t post it here before!  So here it is, with an updated and expanded review!

John MacArthur. A Tale of Two Sons by John F. MacArthur Jr..  Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing Company, April 1st 2008.  221 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

This is an excellent book by Pastor and Teacher John MacArthur.  Here in this book MacArthur gives meticulous care to the details in Jesus’ famous parable of what is often called the Prodigal Son.  MacArthur’s exposition brings out insights from the text, the context and cultural background, this is par excellence of what expository preaching should look like though this is in book form.


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This is part 8 of our critique of Rachel Held Evans’ book titled Inspired.  Here are the previous posts in this series:

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In this post we will look at chapter 6 of the book.


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About to go evangelize.  If you read this, pray for us!

Here’s a witty ditty about witnessing and the Great Commission:


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This is a rather sad news story.  Over at Fox there is this report:


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I haven’t recently have these kinds of post that puts things into bite size memorable ditties but I thought it’s good to post one with the start of a new year.

Salvation is by God’s grace alone and not by our works.  Here’s a little rhyme to drive the point home:


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