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I’m slowly critiquing through Rachel Held Evan’s book Inspired but I want to deal with something that last week someone commented on our blog about.  Rachel Held Evans had a favorable retweet of the following:

Just in case the Tweet disappear Evans said “Y’all know I love this one.”  What she was referring to to was someone’s tweet that she reposted which says “don’t 👏 say 👏 you want 👏 a biblical 👏 woman 👏 unless 👏 you’re prepared 👏 to have 👏 a tent peg 👏 driven 👏 through 👏 your skull.”

I find it incredible the twisting of Scripture Rachel Held commits and also the endorsement of others twisting the Scripture in order to attack the idea of Christians being biblical.

So does having a biblical woman in one’s life mean she might drive a tent peg through your skull?


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