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Epic Presup

One of the biggest presence of Presuppositional Apologetics on Youtube is Eli Ayala’s channeled “Revealed Apologetics.”  He has many interviews and also debates.  Recently he has an “epic Presuppositional Apologetics Roundtable Discussions” with the guys pictured above that introduces viewers to these individuals and also they answer questions about Presuppositional Apologetics.

This is the video’s description:

Eli invites 6 presuppositional apologists on the show for an EPIC discussion covering a wide range of topics relating to presuppositional apologetics, from issues of philosophy, theology, and practical applications of presup. šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

Who are these guys?

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Atheist Matt Dillahunty has debated Christian apologistĀ Matt Slick of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM) in at least three different instances over the last seven years. Ā I thought I post them on here for the sake of convenience of anyone looking for them.

The first one is from 2009 for the Atheist Experience:


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