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This blog started seven years and three days ago.  I signed up exactly three years ago yesterday (Sept 25th).  We were three Reformed Evangelicals men who were at that time serving in the military or were veterans and happen to like theology, the Bible, apologetics, Presuppositionalism, philosophy, politics, hermeneutics and books (lots of it!): in a word, we love God, Jesus and the Christian worldview.

There were some changes along the way but I think we stay true to our purpose of blogging and providing Christian resources online.

And how appropriate it was that yesterday we hit a milestone.


Yesterday at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, we had our 600,000th hit on our blog.

Thanks to all of you who have visited and shared our posts to others!

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Around 2 PM Pacific Standard Time on December 7th, 2012 we hit our half a million visitors milestone for our blog.

500 000

Thank you all for visiting, reading, supporting, linking and commenting on Veritas Domain over the last several years!

Here are the top three popular blog posts from each of our contributors since we began blogging in 2006.


  1. Greg Bahnsen vs Gordon Stein Mp3
  2. What is wrong with this argument?
  3. How to Commit Suicide

SLIMJIM (counting only non-voting and election posts)

  1. Blowing down the House? Part V: Can Presuppositional Apologetics account for Christian diagreements
  2. Ray Comfort’s “180” full movie released on Youtube!
  3. Duggar Family 20th Child, and what the Secular leftist’s response tells about their inconsistent morality


  1. Ray Comfort’s Response to Pastor Jesse Johnson’s Critique on The Ten Commandments
  2. Dr. John MacArthur’s Response Regarding WOTM
  3. Sola Scriptura Versus Sola Ecclesia: Introduction


  1. Why Did I Cry Watching Naruto Shippuuden 31?
  2. The Benefits of Jumping Jacks & The Fallacy of Jumping Jacks
  3. An Illustration of Clashing Worldviews using Naruto

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