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Dr. Vern Poythress is one of those incredible intellectual gift to the Church.  He’s a Christian professor, a Reformed theologian, New Testament scholar, expert on hermeneutics, linguist, a Presuppositional apologist and philosopher who was a prodigy that went to Cal Tech before he was 18 and have several doctorates including a PhD in Mathematics from Harvard University.

He’s recently was interviewed for a podcast on the Missions Podcast from ABWE International.  It’s a wonderful discussion on multiple things I’m excited about:  Missions, Language Presuppositional Apologetics and Theology!


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I was recently interviewed for the AfterThought Podcast.  This is hosted by Lauren of Biblical Beginnings.  What did we talk about?


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I would like to ask for prayers for my ministry in July and August. Besides regular pastoral visitations and evangelism I typically preach at least 4 times during the week but this summer it is going to be my busiest season of ministry.  Towards the end of summer I’ll be going overseas to teach in undisclosed countries on two different courses in theology.  At the same time there’s a lot I’m doing stateside: there’s a retreat, a conference and some other guest speaking at other churches. My biggest prayer request?  Please pray for wisdom and strength for my studies.

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This is a video by Global Frontiers Missions titled “State of the World / The Task Remaining.”

It is an insightful video concerning the task of missions.

It made me have a burden not only for the lost but specifically for in countries that require creative access to those countries and areas to reach the lost.

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Here is what one of the speakers, Mike Gendron, from the conference has to say about TMAI International Symposium,

You Can Now Listen to the Symposium on Biblical Inerrancy.  Over 700 pastors and church leaders, representing 73 nations, attended the 2015 International Symposium which took place in conjunction with The Shepherd’s Conference in March. There was such a buzz in the air as the speakers addressed biblical inerrancy in global missions. It was especially encouraging to see the speakers’ passion and The Master’s Academy International ministry partners’ commitment to this central doctrine. The audio presentations of John MacArthur, Paul Washer, James White, Mike Gendron, Mark Tatlock and the other 4 speakers can be heard here: Audios from TMAI International Symposium

I was privileged to attend this conference that took place one day before the Inerrancy Summit which was hosted by The Shepherds’ Conference.  To see different speakers and conference attendees from different parts of the globe was encouraging.  To speak to pastors and missionaries collaborating, magnified the importance of evangelism not just domestically, but globally.  There were also other ministries who came that serve churches here in the US and also around the world.  For example, ministries that specialized in book distribution to China, Mercy Ministries such as Children’s Hunger Fund, and other ministries such as evangelism to Muslims in the U.S. were here.  They both understood the Great Commission and serving the Lord together for His glory.  I encourage you to check out the audios and listen to them for your own edification.  Topics on contextualization, linguistics, Bible translation, etc., were discussed.  Also here are some notes from one of the speakers that I posted on our site a few weeks ago: God’s Written Revelation is necessarily an Inerrant Revelation


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Here’s an update for the end of 2007 on Reformed Theological Seminary’s mp3s provided on iTunes for free since since it first debuted. Veritasdomain wishes you a Happy New Year for 2008.

Revisting itunes.rts.edu has revealed some changes:

“Educational Ministry of the Church” under Practical Theology A couple Chapel messages for Fall 2007 have been updated. And finally 2 new Seminar series “Worship Wars, Holy Kisses, and Names for God: An Evangelical Model for Contextual Theologizing” by Dr. Steve Strauss and “The Calvin I Never Knew” by Dr. Frank A. James III

They divided the plenary sessions from the seminar sessions for the 2007 and 2006 Westminister Confessions for Today Conferences.

They removed the commencement and other special event lectures.

And finally they added a large amount of videos, mainly promoting RTS, while organizing the original brochures by campus location.

  • RTS Virtual Courses
    • Old Testament
      • Genesis through Joshua by Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr. (30 Tracks)
      • Judges through Poets by Dr. John Currid (38 Tracks)
      • Isiah through Malachi by Dr. Richard Belcher, Jr. (34 Tracks)
    • New Testament
      • Gospels and Acts by Dr. Knox Chamblin (49 Tracks)
      • Pauline Epistles by Dr. Knox Chamblin (48 Tracks)
      • Hebrews through Revelation by Dr. Simon J. Kistemaker (46 Tracks)
    • Church History
      • History of Christianity I by Dr. Frank A. James III (33 Tracks)
      • History of Christianity II by Dr. Frank A. James (31 Tracks)
      • The Church and the World by Dr. W. Andrew Hoffecker (28 Tracks)
      • History and Theology of the Puritans by Dr. J.I. Packer (17 Tracks)
      • History of Missions by Dr. Samuel H. Larsen (36 Tracks)
    • Practical Theology
      • Disabilities and the Church (30 Tracks)
      • Educational Ministry of the Church by Dr. Andrew J. Peterson (25
    • Theology
      • Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies by Dr. Richard L. Pratt,
        Jr. (23)
      • History of Philosophy and Christian Thought by Dr. John M. Frame
      • Theological Foundations by Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas (25)
      • Systematic Theology I by Dr. Douglas F. Kelly (38)
      • Systematic Theology II by Dr. Douglas F. Kelly (20)
      • Systematic Theology III by Dr. Douglas F. Kelly (38)
      • Pastoral and Social Ethics by Dr. John M. Frame (43)
      • Christan Apologetics by Dr. John M. Frame (27)
      • C.S. Lewis by Dr. Knox Chamblin (27)
  • RTS Chapel Messages
    • RTS Charlotte Chapel Messages (24)
      • Fall 2007 (11)
      • Spring 2007 (6)
      • Fall 2006 (7)
    • RTS Jackson Chapel Messages (30)
      • Fall 2007 (7)
      • Spring 2007 (12)
      • Fall 2006 (11)
    • RTS Orlando Chapel Messages (33)
      • Fall 2007 (12)
      • Spring 2007 (10)
      • Fall 2006 (11)
  • RTS Seminars and Lectures
    • RTS Campus Lecture Series
      • RTS Jackson John Reed Miller Lecture Series (9)
        • 2007 – By Dr. Mark Dever (3)
          • The Symbol and Significance of Preaching
          • The Use of Preaching
          • The Art of Preaching
        • 2006 – By Rev. Mark Johnson (3)
          • The Call to Ministry
          • The Call to Preach
          • The Call to Pastor
        • 2005 – By Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson (3)
          • Preaching Christ
          • Reaching Our Standards
          • Using Our Grids
      • RTS Orland Simon J. Kistemaker Lecture Series (0)
        • Group 1
        • Group 2
    • RTS Seminars
      • Crass Plagiarism? The Problem of the Relationship of the Old Testament
        to the Ancient Near Eastern Literature by Dr. John D. Currid (3)
      • New Perspective on Paul by Dr. D.A. Carson (3)
      • Roles & Relationships in Pastoral Ministry by Dr. John Sittema
      • Worship Wars, Holy Kisses, and Names for God: An Evangelical Model
        for Contextual Theologizing by Dr. Steve Strauss (3)
      • The Calvin I Never Knew by Dr. Frank A. James III (4)
  • RTS Campus Resources
    • RTS Charlotte Campus Resources (8 Booklets)
    • RTS Jackson Campus Resources (38)
      • RTS Jackson Campus Videos (32 Videos)
      • RTS Jackson Campus Resources (6 Booklets)
    • RTS Orlando Campus Resources (8)
      • One School, One Book (2 Tracks)
        • Writing a Spiritual Memoir by Lauren Winner
        • Real Sex by Lauren Winner
      • RTS Orlando Resources (6)
    • RTS Virtual Campus Resources (11)
      • RTS Virtual Campus Videos (4 Videos)
        • Distance Education
        • Technology
        • Contemporary Churches
        • New Students in Seminary
      • RTS Virtual Campus Resources (7 Booklets)
  • Westminister Confession for Today Conferences
    • 2007 Westminister Confession for Today (12)
    • Plenary Sessions (4 Tracks)
    • Seminar Sessions (8 Tracks)
    • 2006 Westminister Confession for Today (12)
    • Plenary Sessions (4 Tracks)
    • Seminar Sessions 8 Tracks)

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