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The past decade (2000-2009) has been one with many important events in world history, some of which has indirectly influenced upon my life.  As a young man looking back, it’s incredible to think of these event and I think of Daniel in the Bible, of how Daniel as a young man has lived through some of the important events in world history.  As a Christian, I believe in the providence of God in World History.  Here’s some of my reflection of events that has shaped this decade.

1.) September 11th, 2001

How many Americans can forget that day seeing it on TV and the nonstop news that fateful Tuesday.  I was just a recent high school graduate, going to community college.  I woke up that morning and saw the news.  Immediately I suspected Osama Bin Laden.  I have just learned about Osama Bin Laden a few years prior to the twin embassy bombing, that he will probably be the 21st century’s new terror threat– a prediction too far accurate.  I drove to school listening to the radio and heard the broadcaster cry–the tower has collapsed.  I thought the guy was joking but when I got to school and no one was in class but all over the TV in the cafeteria…I knew it was real.

A month prior to 9-11, I was sworn in with the Marines, and my departure to boot camp was going to be the following summer.  I had doubts whether or not this was the right step in my life, and whether it was God’s will that I enlist with the Marines.  I was nervous that I would have regrets.  9-11 sealed the deal and from that day forth there was no question that I was going to be a Marine.

2.) War in Iraq

The war started on my best friend’s birthday- March 20th, 2003.  I was 19, turn 20.  For weeks when I was in Iraq, I couldn’t believe I was in Iraq.  The toughest time wasn’t when I was in Iraq, but those days and night before I even got to Kuwait.  On the eve of the war, being in the states was hard– I thought about dying, injuries, miseries and chemical attacks often.  It was so surreal then to think of what might happen–meanwhile people in Civilian land was worried about things as trivial as not wanting to take finals as their biggest stress.

Looking back, there was very little in Iraq.  But when you were there at that time, you thought of it as a big deal in 2003.  I know that out of all my friends in the Marines and the Army, they have been through so much more than I have.  God protected me and blessed me much.  I enjoyed going out on patrols or convoy operations alot when I was there–it felt like you were doing something incredible.  But my biggest joy at the end of the day, was spending time with other Marines and Navy Corpsmen, going through Bible studies…and evangelizing to the Iraqis who asked questions about the Bible.

3.) John Kerry belittle troops at my Alma Matter, Pasadena City College

My sister was there when he gave this speech, and was surprised that he said that.  The ironic part was that I went to Pasadena City College, I worked hard academically and did go to Iraq.  When he gave this speech, I have already transferred from PCC to UCLA, majoring in Political Science.

4.) Social Networking Phenomenon (Xanga)

Who would have thought in the 90s that there would be fast speed internet and the phenomon of blogging and social network online?  Having been on Facebook and wordpress, I still have to say some of the most memorable experience was on Xanga.  It was part of real life… the friends made, lives changed, gospel shared, spiritual encouragement, apologetics debates, learning theology and people coming to Christ, and it goes on: suicide attempts being stopped, meeting with missionaries and those deployed in a war zone, being asked to preach because of being on xanga… then there is the mobilization of support and condolences to those who have lost a loved one in Iraq…it was an incredible experience.  To this day, some of the most faithful prayer warriors in my life are those whom I have befriend on Xanga first.

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