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Dan S. Lloyd. Leading Today’s Funerals: A Pastoral Guide for Improving Bereavement Ministry. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, October 1st 1997. 126 pp.

4 out of 5

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I read the kindle version of this book in preparation for my first funeral that I will be doing as a pastor.  I had to read this pretty quick given the situation.  I am glad I did as it was helpful.  I read this work and took lots of notes from it.  This was a book that I wished I read in seminary.



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Pastoral burnout is a real problem.  9 Marks Ministry for their latest journal focuses on this problem.  I think Pastors and church leaders will benefit from it.  Also regular Church members would benefit from it in terms of their own prayers for the church, pastors and ministering to their own pastor.  Church life is a two way street.  You can find it here.

I’m glad they make this journal available for free.

Here’s the breakdown of individual articles.


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It’s the Lord’s Day…and Day Light Saving!

So to save time since it’s a duty day as a pastor and preacher I thought I share this video from Ligon Duncan.  It’s on his remembrance of his early days in ministry.  It’s worth listening to for those who are younger pastors new to the ministry.

Enjoy this video.  And may those who are in the ministry continue you growing in grace and remaining humble and loving of our churches!

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First off before I share my review I want to welcome all those who have recently found our blog on Monergism.com.  We are a blog that is intent on covering apologetics, Christian worldview and theology with posts on book reviews, resources and our own written content.  Feel free to subscribe and bookmark our page for daily posts!

Mark Dever and Paul Alexander. The Deliberate Church.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, September 9th 2005.  221 pp.

5 out of 5

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Both authors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander have written a helpful book for pastors and church leaders on doing church ministry according to the Bible and centered on the Gospel.  As the book states on page 28, “The Gospel alone shapes and evaluate must both shape and evaluate any ministry method we use.”  This is a great antidote to the seeker sensitive church method or other marketing gimmick that is driven more by man-centered pragmatisms instead of the Word of God.  I love how this book is both biblical and practical since I believe there is a real need of resources on practical ecclesiology (doctrine of the church).  Too often one find two kinds of extreme: practical works without it being biblical or biblical works on the church without a deeper practical picture of what does it look like.  Dever and Alexander writes from being biblically informed and years of wisdom and experience which through their 9 Marks ministry have greatly helped many other local churches including the one I minister at.


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Had a long weekend with ministry.  Took Monday off to be with family, both my immediate and also one of my sibling and her immedate family.  I know I blogged a while back for the Case for Pastors Being Off on Tuesdays but this Monday I was glad I got Monday off instead of Tuesday.

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I’ve compiled all the posts for our series “Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers” here.  It was a devotional series I worked on after considering how many Pastors end up burning out.  It’s originally meant for pastors but teachers in churches were later also written in view of you as well!

In this post I want to discuss about how to get the most from the series.


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This is worth bookmarking if you are a pastor or teacher in the Church.

Here’s a post on “How to Get the Most from our Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers Series.”

Here’s the series:

  1. Sunday Morning Motivation for Preachers and Teachers: Used by God to bring People to Salvation
  2. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: Fixing our hope on the living God
  3. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: Your Spiritual Gift Bestowed by God
  4. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: You are given spirit of Power
  5. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: You are given spirit of Love
  6. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: You are given spirit of Self-Discipline
  7. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: You were appointed a preacher or teacher
  8. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: Your reward is great in heaven
  9. Sunday Morning Motivations for Preachers and Teachers: Knowing Christ

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